Seventies Downunder Vol. 1

CD   AUS   Raven RVCD-22   1991

Max Merritt and The Meteors Western Union          Man Max Merritt and The Meteors 1969
Jeff St. John and Copperwine Teach Me How To Fly   1970
Axiom A Little Ray Of Sunshine                     Fool's Gold 1970
Daddy Cool Eagle Rock                              Daddy Who Daddy Cool 1971
Spectrum I'll Be Gone                              Spectrum Part 1 1971
Carson Boogie Pt. 1                                Blown 1972
Healing Force Golden Miles                         Golden Miles 1971
Blackfeather Seasons Of Change                     Mountains of Madness 1971
The Masters Apprentices Because I Love You         Choice Cuts 1971
Zoot Eleanor Rigby                                 Just Zoot 1970
Chain Black and Blue                               ?
The La De Das Gonna See My Baby Tonight            ?
Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs Most People I Know     Most People I Know 1972
Country Radio Gypsy Queen                          Gypsy Queen 1972
The Dingoes Way Out West                           The Dingoes 1974
Matt Taylor I Remember When I Was Young            Straight As A Die 1973
Stevie Wright Evie Pt. 2                           Hard Road 1974
The Skyhooks Living In The Seventies               Living In The Seventies 1974
AC/DC It's A Long Way To The Top                   T.N.T. 1975

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