Soldiers of Rock'n'Roll
An Audio Documentary of Radio Birdman

LP   AUS   WEA YEAHUP 1   1982

MC-5 Ramblin' Rose                     ?
The Stooges 1970                       ?
Radio Birdman TV Eye                   Radios Appear 1977
The Pink Fairies Walk Don't Run        ?
Radio Birdman Man With Golden Helmet   Radios Appear 1977
Radio Birdman More Fun                 Living Eyes 1981
Radio Birdman Love Kills               Radios Appear 1977
Radio Birdman New Race                 Radios Appear 1977
The Angels Who Rings The Bell - Live   The Angels Greatest 1980
New Race Columbia                      The First and The Last 1982
New Race Descent Into The Maelstrom    -

Sources of information: Divine Rites
© Magnus Holmgren
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