Star Struck (Soundtrack)

LP   AUS   Mushroom L37783   1982   3D cutout popup cover
     NZL   Mushroom          1982?
     USA   A&M SP-4938   1983

MC   AUS   Mushroom C37783   1982
     NZL   Mushroom?         1982
     USA   A&M C-4938    1983

The Swingers Starstruck Overture
The Swingers Starstruck
The Swingers Gimme Love
Jo Kennedy Temper Temper
Jo Kennedy It's Not Enough
John O'May and Jo Kennedy Tough
Mental As Anything Humming A Tune
Ross O'Donovan I Want To Live In A House
Jo Kennedy Body And Soul
Jo Kennedy My Belief In You
Turnaround Turnaround
Jo Kennedy Monkey In Me
The Swingers Starstruck Finale

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist
© Magnus Holmgren
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