Tram Tracks 1992

CD   AUS   Mushroom MMF 001   1992

The Official 1992 Melbourne Music Festival CD
Limited Edition

Greenhouse What It Is 
Daryl Braithwaite As The Days Go By 
Harry's Laundry Easy 
John Farnham Chain Reaction 
Killjoys Trains And Rocks And Riverbeds 
James Reyne My Day At The Beach (Demo) 
E In Tune With Me 
Paul Kelly And The Messengers Sweet Guy Waltz 
Joe Geia Wanjinah 
Kate Ceberano & The Ministry Of Fun Satisfied 
The Lovers The River 
Deborah Conway And The Mothers Of Pearl Last To Know 
Taramis Dreaming 
Def Ryme Drug Inbound 
Frente Oh Brilliance 

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