The Underwatermelon Man
and Other Unreasonable Rhymes

BOOK+CD   NZL   Monkey Biz Music   1999

Chris Knox The Underwater Melon Man
Tim Finn Melon-Cauli Baby
Jenny Morris The Girl With The Porcupine Coat
George Washingmachine The Man With The Cast Iron Belly
Neil Finn Neville The Enchanted Rug
John Clarke The Hide & Seeky Bird
Bic & Boh Runga The Girl With The Empty Head
Dave Dobbyn The Wicked Conjuror
Jackie Clarke Pottie Training
Fane Flaws Money Trees
Renee Geyer Thirteen O'Clock
Jackie Clarke Jemima Spride
The Shag Piles Knights
Darren Watson The Forgotten Fork
Don McGlashan The Girl With The X-Ray Eyes
Tony Backhouse Imelda Blade
Che Fu & King Kapisi The Man With The Elephant Nose
Neil Finn The Girl From Godknowswhere
The Topp Twins The Eccentric Instrumentalist
Tony Backhouse The Dog With The Saxophone
Dave Dobbyn The Mysterious Box
Tim Finn The Perfect Stranger
Brandon Pou El Flamo
Renee Geyer The Man Who Never Was
Neil Finn Dream Girl

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist, The Underwatermelon Man Homepage
© Magnus Holmgren
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