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CD   AUS   Mushroom D19518        1991
     AUS   Mushroom MUSH32432.2   199?

LP   AUS   White L38822           1987

Hunters and Collectors Betty's Worry or The Slab   The Jaws of Life 1984
Painters and Dockers Nude School                   Kiss My Art 1988
Chris Bailey and Friends Me and My Uncle           -
Shower Scene From Psycho White Rabbit              Exploding Hits 1985 (?)
White Cross It's All In Your Mind                  ?
The Pony Chaotic                                   Thorns and Cutlery 1987 (?)
Nick Cave Black Betty                              Kicking Against The Pricks 1986
Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls Tighten Up       Gossip 1987
X-Dream Baby                                       ?
Harem Scarem Hard Rain                             Pilgrim's Progress 1986
The Hollowmen So Messed Up                         ?
The Slaughtermen God's Not Dead                    God's Not Dead 1985
Not Drowning, Waving Yes Sir, I Can Boogie         Cold And The Crackle 1987

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