Where 2 Now?

3-CD   AUS   Red Hot Green Black/Oracle ODCD-0277   1998

"Australian Bands Raising Awareness and Funds for Indegineous and Environment Issues"

Shihad Interconnector
Violetine Buzz
Powderfinger Control Freak
Not From There Neurons
Beaverloop Pelt
Nancy Vandal Bikini High School Massacre 3
Fini Scad Wider Screen
Jebediah Tracksuit
Custard Caboolture Speed Lab
Screamfeeder Sparks Jump
Even 2 Stones
Far Out Corporation Parachute
Revolvar Mr E
Magic Dirt Poem
Front End Loader 4 Star
Warumpi Band Warumpinya
Superjesus Something In The Air

Australia Stop Jabiluka
Drum Drum Kini Male
Ruby Hunter Modern Day Girl
Stiff Gins Morning Star
Penelope Swales Madness, Mines and Mortgages
Kerrianne Cox Woman Has No History
Hotentot Party Mabo
Tulipan Lament
Something Urban Sacred
george Polyserena
diana Ah naid She Says
Telek Boystown
Vince Jones Jettison
The Whitlams 400 Miles From Darwin
Neil Murray Spirit
Archie Roach No, No, No
Tiddas Create Another Day (live)

Midnight Oil Frontier... What Frontier?
Pre_Shrunk Hot Robots
Jason Scott Modern Aboriginee
Skunkhour Now
The Red Eyed Frogs Forest Funk
Greg Sheehan Frog
Native Rhyme Syndicate Everyday (Acoustic Remix)
Cruel Sea Charmer
Fuglemen Momento Mori
Trey Changin' Degrees
MetaBass 'n' Breath Thunder In The Lab
Spiderbait Buster (Remix)
Gerling Enter Space Capsule (Radio Disko Mix)
Grand Theft Auto This Is The Tempo
The Bird Peda
Endorphin Insomnia
Underground Lovers Cold Feeling

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