Where Joy Kills Sorrow

CD   AUS   W.Minc/Shock W.MINCD006   1997
     AUS   W.Minc/Virgin             2000

Mick Harvey Just A Little Bit Of Rain
Joel Silbersher When You're Tired Of Breaking Other Hearts
Renee Geyer with Uncle Bill I Scare Myself
Greg Perkins Yellow Roses
Uncle Bill The World's Got Everything In It
Warren and John Ellis Mis'ry Is My Middle Name
Robert Forster The Speed of The Sound of Loneliness
Paul Kelly with Uncle Bill Thanks A Lot
Bruce Haymes Duchess
Rob Snarski with Matt Walker If You Don't Want My Love
Vika and Linda Bull I'd Rather Be Sorry
Chris Abrahams and Melanie Oxley The Way You See Me
David McComb Still Alive And Well
Matt Walker and Ashley Davies When I Dream
Dave Graney and Clare Moore This Is Forever

Limited Edition Bonus Disc

TV Ad and Out Takes
David McComb and Intros
Robert Forster and Mis'ry
Rob Snarski and Laughs
Phil Kakulas and Chat
Renee Geyer and Bad Cans
Gerry Hale and Roll It
Dave Graney and Ending
Vika and Linda and Claps
Mis'ry New Version
Mis'ry Old Version

Produced by Graham Lee

Sources of information: W. Minc Productions
© Magnus Holmgren
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