The Women At The Well: A Tribute To Paul Kelly

CD   AUS   ?   2002

Bic Runga The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Renee Geyer You Broke A Beautiful Thing
Deborah Conway Everybody Wants To Touch Me
Chrissy Amphlett Before Too Long
Lash Dumb Things
Vika & Linda Be Careful What You Pray For
Christine Anu Beat Of Your Heart
Kate Ceberano There's Nothing Wrong With Being Wrong Sometimes
Rebecca Barnard She's Rare
Angie Hart Careless
Renee Geyer Killer Lover
Magic Dirt Darling It Hurts
Vika & Linda 99 Years
Jenny Morris Beggar On The Street Of Love
Anne Kirkpatrick Cradle Of Love
Kasey Chambers Everything's Turning To White

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