Young Einstein (Soundtrack)

CD   AUS   Mushroom
     AUS   Mushroom MUSH32326.2           199?
     GER   A&M 393929-2                   1988

LP   AUS   Mushroom TVL93282 (RML53282)   1988   (limited edition coloured vinyl)
     AUS   Mushroom
     GER   A&M

Yahoo Serious Roll and Rock Music                -
Mental As Anything Rock and Roll Music           Cyclone Raymond 1989
The Saints The Music Goes Round My Head          Prodigal Son 1988
Yahoo and Lulu Who Can You Trust? (Main Theme)   -
Paul Kelly and The Messengers Dumb Things        Under The Sun 1987
Big Pig Hungry Town                              Bonk 1988
Icehouse Great Southern Land                     Primitive Man 1982
The Song Company Great Big Brain                 -
Yahoo Serious The Tasmanian                      -
The Models I Hear Motion                         Out Of Mind Out Of Sight 1985
Yahoo Serious Theory of Relativity               -
The Stems At First Sight                         At First Sight Violets Are Blue 1987
Score A Fist Full of Scientists                  -
Lime Spiders Weirdo Libido                       Weirdo Libido 1986
Yahoo Serious Young Einstein Pacifist            -

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