Nic Dalton



Romolo 86-88   1998   16

CD   AUS   Half A Cow HAC72


The Rose Marys   s                       1990
Craven Fops      mlp   Spin The Bottle   1991


Girls With Money 198?,199? Hilken, Winston, Nate
Get Set Go 198?
The Gadflys 1985 Stevie Plunder, Andy Lewis, Pete Velzen, Mick Moriaty, Phil Moriaty, Nathan Nancarrow
The Plunderers 1984-1992
Hippy Dribble 1989 Stevie Plunder, Geoff Milne
Captain Denim 1989 Stevie Plunder, Geoff Milne
Love Positions 1989
The Hummingbirds 1990,1992
Strawbreeze 1990 Tom Morgan
Sneeze 1990-present
Godstar 1992-1996
The Lemonheads (USA) 1992-1994
The Ulimate Vanilla 199? Bernie Hayes, John E, Lara Meyerratken, Jesse
The Kombi Nation 1997 Scott, Danielle
Erbs n Pisces 1998 Tom Morgan
Love And Death 199? John Encarnacao
51 Monday 1999- Loene Carmen, Simon Day, Alison Galloway
Ratcat 1997-present
Starsign 199?

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