Sally Dastey



Secrets To Keep   2002   11   Produced by Sally Dastey and Ed Bates

CD   AUS   Belmore BEL001

Session musician

The Silver Brumby (soundtrack)
Oceania Girl (soundtrack)
Simone De Beauvoirs Babies (tv soundtrack)


Tiddas 1991-2000
Over In The West (stageplay) 1997,1999
Tim Rogers and The Twin Set 1999

Members (Salley Dastey and The Sweet Sceptics)

Bates Ed (pd st) 2002
Dastey Sally (v,g) 2002
Earle Matt (d) 2002
Speed Stuart (b) 2002
Wallace Mark (acc) 2002 Weddings Parties Anything, Squeeze-Box Wally, Liz Taylor and The Four Richards

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