Ashley Davies



with Matt Walker:
I Listen To The Night   1997   ??   Produced by Graham Lee

CD   AUS   W. Minc WMINCD007

Soul Witness            2000   12   Produced by Graham Lee

CD   AUS   W. Minc/Virgin WMINCD015
     AUS   (limited edition with bonus cd)

Contribution to album

with Matt Walker:
Where Joy Kills Sorrow              1997
Recovery - Ready For Transmission   1999
Triple J - Live and Unleashed       2001
Triple J - Studio 22                2002

Session musician

Various     cd      Where Joy Kills Sorrow       1997
Jeff Lang   track   The Ballad of Hollis Brown   2000


The Originals
Le Vicious Yoyos
The Soft Ones
White Cross
Crown Of Thorns 1989
Wild Pumpkins At Midnight 1990-1993
Barb Waters and The Rough Diamonds 199?
The Backsliders 2002

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