Iva Davies



Leading Lady                     1975    2

Single      AUS   RCA

Soundtrack: Razorback            1984

LP          AUS   EMI

The Ghost Of Time                1999    4   Produced by Iva Davies

Mini-CD     AUS   DIVA/Roadshow 102459-2

Circles In The Sky               2000    3   Produced by Iva Davies

CD-Single   AUS   DIVA 8573849462

Soundtrack: Master & Commander   2003


Soundtrack: Mary Bryant          2005


Iva Davies and Afghan:
Back To California      1975    2

Single      AUS   RCA

with Bob Kretschmer:
Soundtrack: Boxes       1985   21   Produced by Iva Davies and Bob Kretschmer

LP          AUS   ID MX64532

Contribution to album

A Night Out - Live At The Basement   2001


Tactics            lp                       1979
Icehouse           lp    Icehouse           1980
Icehouse           lp    Primitve Man       1982
Icehouse           ep    Fresco             1983
Icehouse           lp    Sidewalk           1984
A. Morrow          s                        1984
Living Daylights   cds   Sliding            1992
Icehouse           cd    Big Wheel          1993
Icehouse           cd    The Berlin Tapes   1995
Jarboe             cd    Men                2002

Session musician

Scribble       lp   So Far        1986
Ghostwriters   cd   Second Skin   1996
Eye Talk       cd   Phoenix       2002
Jarboe         cd   Men           2002


The Flowers / Icehouse 1977-present

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