D.D. Smash

New Zealand 1981-1982
Australia 1982-



Cool Bananas                 1982   10

CD        AUS   Mushroom D19523
          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32062.2

LP        AUS   Mushroom

MC        AUS   Mushroom

Deep In The Heart Of Taxes   1983    7   Produced by Dave Dobbyn

Mini-LP   AUS   Mushroom L29016

Mini-MC   AUS   Mushroom (bonustrack, "Don't Bury That Gun")

The Optimist                 1984   12

CD        AUS   Mushroom D19524
          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32063.2

LP        AUS   Mushroom

Dave Dobbyn Collection       1993   14

CD        AUS   Festival D30733 (?/14 tracks)

Session musicians

James Reyne/Lin Buckfield   s   R.O.C.K.   1985


Bartolomei Michael (k) 1984-1985 Compared To What, The Devotions
Calhoun Scot (k,trump) ---
Clouston Andrew (sax) ---
Dennison Mark (sax,flute,perc) 1985 The Brasstards, King Tut, Big Bump, The Dukes
Dobbyn Dave (v,g)
Dubber Kevin (trump,flugel,bv) 1985 The Brasstards, Big Bump, The Dukes
Guy Rob (g) Berlin, Lip Service
Harrison Clive (b) 1985 Avalanche
Kinney Lisle (b) Oktober, Brown Street, Hello Sailor
Langsford Gary (g) Top Scientists
Morris Ian (b) Chillum, Th' Dudes, Dave McArtney and The Pink Flamingos
Warren Peter (d) Lip Service

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