The Dearhunters

Sydney 1998-present



Red Wine and Blue   1999   12

CD       AUS   Candle CAN2503
         UK    Candle (issued 2000)

shared with The Hired Guns:
Ivy                 199?    2

Single   AUS   Steady Cam scam9804 (300 copies: 50 on clear vinyl, 150 on pale pink vinyl and 100 copies on black vinyl)
         AUS   Steady Cam scam9804 (rare special edition on blue vinyl in cardboard box)


Aston Dave (d) 1999-present The Impossibles, Trout Fishing In Quebec
Hitchcock Greg (g) 1998-present
Oxley Tim (v,b) 1998-present Humdingers, Flathead, Crestriders, The Verys, Whopping Big Naughty, Grand View
Phillis Jodi (v,g) 1998-present Nu Genes, Scudda Hey, Fifth Business, The Clouds, Lunar Tunes, Lounge-O-Sound
Whittingham Raphael (d) 1998-1999 Storm of Perversion, 20th Century Crucifiction, Dazy Chains, The Clouds, Lunar Tunes, Stella One Eleven

Sources of information: Candle Records, Dearhunters Homepage
© Magnus Holmgren
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