Deckchairs Overboard

Sydney 1982-



Deckchairs Overboard   1982    4   Produced by Cameron Allan

EP       AUS   Regular RRT603

Carried Away           1983    2

Single   AUS   Regular

Shout                  1983    2

Single   AUS   Regular

Walking In The Dark    1984    2   Produced by Mark 0pitz

Single   AUS   Regular

Deckchairs Overboard   1985   10   Produced by John Morales, Sergio Munzibai, Mark Opitz and Martin Armiger

LP       AUS   Regular
         GER   WEA 252 215-1

Contribution to album

Triple J - The Nine O'Clock Muse   1984


Clifforth John (v,g,k) 1982- True Wheels, Cheks, Big Choir
McQuade Cathy (b,v) 1982- The Ears, Melodious Thunk

Adams Peter (d) 1985 Alter Ego
Campbell Ken (v,g,d) 1982-1984 Cheks, Big Choir, Big Red Tractor, Funkicide, Boby F Crank (pseudonym)
Ciobo Peter (d) 1985- Soft Toys, Flotsam Jetsam, Belly Dance, Jenny Morris Band
Davis Michael (d) 1984-1985 The Kevins, Azlan, Government Drums, Tooteville, Blowout, Kerri Simpson and Veve 
Flattery Dennis (d) 1983 Touch, Eskadium, The Personnel, Marble Soldiers, Pop Mechanix, Agents
Hester Paul (d) 1982-1983
Hoste Michael (k) 1983 The Flowers, Icehouse
Maheno Paul (sax,perc) 1985 Flaming Hands, Sea Monsters
Morton Peter (b) 1983 Alter Ego
Saunders Scott (p) 1985 The Rhythm Method, Minor Fits, The Modules, The Reels, Eurogliders, Straight No Chaser, Bellydance, Prisoners Of Love, Melodiouos Thonk, Directions In Groove, Lisa Maxwell and The Loving Moment, Beatfish tour
Sullivan Gordon (g) -1985 GANGgajang
Wambam Matthew (d) 1983/1984 ---

Sources of information: Stuart Coupe and Glenn A. Baker: The New Rock'n'Roll - The A-Z of Rock in The 80's, Stefan Warnqvist, Michael Davis
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