Suze DeMarchi



Young Hearts    1986    2

Single   UK    EMI London

Maxi     UK    EMI London (1 extra track)

Big Wednesday   1987    2

Single   UK    EMI London

Dry Your Eyes   1988    2

Single   UK    EMI London

Telelove        1998   11   Produced by Nuno Bettencourt

CD       AUS   Mushroom

Contribution to album

Music, Live From The Panel   1999

Session musician

The Slow Club   cd   World Of Wonders   1990


Photoplay 1982-1983 Suzie Ahern, Louis Anastas, Bryce Buckley, Gavan Dimmick, Catherine Fletcher, Mark Fletcher, John Hayworth, Graham McCutchen, Norman Parkhill, Pat Quinn, Chris Razz
The Kind 1985- Denise DeMarchi, Dean Denton, Gary Dunn, Mark Lizotte, Yak Sherritt, Boyd Wilson
DD and The Rockmen 1988 Frank Celenza
Baby Animals 1989-1994

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