Paul DeMarco aka Fred Zeppelin


Session musician

Peter Wells    cd   No Hard Feelings   1993
Lucy De Soto   cd   Take This Veil     1999


Scattered Aces 1983-1984
Stevie Wright Band 1986/1987
Slightly Shadey 1987 Peter Wells, Chris Turner, Ronnie Peel
Stevie Wright and Hard Rain 1987-1988
Heart Attack 1990 Mick Cocks, Lucy De Soto, Mick Strutt, Peter Wells
Catfish 1991
Swanee 1991
The Pye Dogs 1992 Dave Blight, Paul Burton, Ian Moss
The Headhunters
Rose Tattoo 1992-1993,1998-present
Ian Moss Band 199?
Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs 19??
Lyndsay Hammond Band

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