Michael Den Elzen



Noel's Cowards    s    Fingers Crossed        1988
Deborah Conway    cd   String of Pearls       1991
World Gone Wild   s                           1992
Tess McKenna      cd   Take Me To The Place   1998

Session musician

Stephen Cummings    lp      This Wonderful Life           1986
Brainwaves          12"                                   1986
Tess McKenna        mlp     March                         1988
Deborah Conway      cd      String Of Pearls              1991
Richard Pleasance   cd      Galleon                       1991
Peter Case          cd                                    1992
Tess McKenna        cd      Make Me Wonder                1993
Richard Pleasance   cd      Colourblind                   1995
Vika and Linda      cd      Princess Tabu                 1996
Various             cd      Native Tongue - Loudspeaker   1996
Tess McKenna        cd      Take Me To The Place          1998
Margaret Urlich     cd      Second Nature                 1999
David Bridie        cd      Act Of Free Choice            2000
Tess McKenna        track   It Ain't Me Babe              2000
Phil Judd           cd      Mr. Phudd & His Novelty Act   2006


Broderick Smith Band 1984
Stephen Cummings Band 1986
Tim Finn Band 1986
Venetta's Taxi
Schnell Fenster 1986-1992
Adrian's Wall 1987 Adrian Campbell, Robert Dillon, Steve Donald, Peter Finn, Brett Garsed, Larry Groves, Brian Hamilton, Joe Imbroll
Noel's Cowards 1988
Blackmale 1992 Dror Erez, Peter Jones
Rebeccas Empire 1994-1998
Deadstar 1998-2001
Bird Brain

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