Lucy De Soto



Three Girls And A Sailor              1985   11

LP   AUS   Chase CLP4

Help Me Rhonda, My Boyfriend's Back   1986    9

LP   AUS   Chase CLP6

Take This Veil                        1999   15

CD   AUS   Full Moon FMRCD 004


Peter Wells       cd   No Hard Feelings            1993
Peter Wells       cd   Orphans                     1994
Pete Wells Band   cd   It's All Fun And Games...   1999
Pete Wells Band   cd   Hateball                    2000

Session musician

Peter Wells                            cd     Everything You Like Tries To Kill You   1991
Peter Wells                            cd     The Meaning Of Life                     1992
Peter Wells                            cd     No Hard Feelings                        1993
Peter Wells/Dave Steel/Bob Armstrong   cdep   Hard Done By You                        1993
Peter Wells                            cd     Orphans                                 1994
Hillbilly Moon                         cd     Volumne One                             1994


Living Daylights
Fat Time
De Soto 1985 Eddie Fast, Ross Mercer, Peter Wells
Heart Attack 1990 Mick Cocks, Paul DeMarco, Mick Strutt, Peter Wells
Peter Wells Band 1991,1995-present
Blues Hangover 1995,1996
Romeo Dog 1996

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