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Johnny Diesel and The Injectors:
Johnny Diesel and The Injectors   1989   12   Produced by Terry Manning

CD      AUS   Chrysalis CDCHR 321672
        GER   Chrysalis 321672-2
        USA   Chrysalis VK 41672 D 151568 (1 bonus track; "Dry Tears")

LP      GER   Chrysalis 321672-1
        USA   Chrysalis

Live In London                    1989    4   Produced by Tony Wilson

CD-EP   ???   Chrysalis CDCHM 321728

EP      ???   Chrysalis CHM 321728

Hepfidelity                       1992   11   Produced by Don Gehman and Terry Manning

CD      AUS   Chrysalis 3 21870 2

MC      AUS   Chrysalis 3 21870 4

The Lobbyist                      1993   12   Produced by Diesel and Don Gehman

CD      AUS   EMI 3 26025 2

Hepfidelity                       1993   12   Produced by Don Gehman, Terry Manning and Diesel

CD      HOL   EMI 3 21997 2

Solid State Rhyme                 1994   13   Produced by Diesel and Craig Porteils

CD      AUS   EMI 8315902 (limited edition)

Rewind - The Best Of              1996   16

CD      AUS   EMI

Hear                              2002   12   Produced by Craig Porteils, Diesel and Guy Davies

CD      AUS   Hepfidelity

Singled Out                       2004   14

CD      AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0712

Coathanger Antennae               2006

CD      AUS   Liberation LIBCD81942
        AUS   Liberation LIBCD81945 (limited edition with bonus DVD)

Days Like These                   2008   10

CD      AUS   ? LMCD0016

as Mark Lizotte:
Soul Lost Companion               1999   11   Produced by Jerry Harrison, Gavin MacKillop, Neil Finn and Sam Gibson

CD      AUS   Festival D32071

with Chris Wilson:
Short Cool Ones                   1996   16   Produced by Doug Roberts, Chris Wilson and Diesel

CD      AUS   Aurora/Mushroom TVD93459 (RMD53459)
        AUS   Mushroom MUSH32456.2

Contribution to album

Triple M Cordless                          1993
Earth Music                                1994
The Spirit of Christmas 1995               1995
Mushroom 25 Live                           1998
The Spirit of Christmas 1998               1998
Cold - Live At The Chapel                  1999
Olympic Record                             2000
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge          2000
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge Vol. 2   2001
Triple M Musical Challenge Vol. 3          2002
The Spirit of Christmas 2002               2002

with Chris Wilson:
The Spirit of Christmas 1996               1996


Richard Clapton     cd      Angeltown       1995
Vika and Linda      cd      Princess Tabu   1996
Diesel and Wilson   track   Trim the Tree   1996

Session musician

Jimmy Barnes      lp   Freight Train Heart     1987
Jimmy Barnes      lp   Barnestorming           1988
Jimmy Barnes      cd   Soul Deep               1991
Nathan Cavaleri   cd   Jammin' With The Cats   1993
Jimmy Barnes      cd   Flesh and Wood          1993
Jimmy Barnes      cd   Psyclone                1995
Richard Clapton   cd   Angeltown               1995
Vika and Linda    cd   Princess Tabu           1996
Jimmy Barnes      cd   Love And Fear           1999
Jimmy Barnes      cd   Soul Deeper             2000
Richard Clapton   cd   Diamond Mine            2004
Jimmy Barnes      cd   Double Happiness        2005


Innocent Bystanders 198? Bernie Bremond, John Dalzell, John Heussanstamm, Al Kash, Brett Keyser, Cliff Kinneen, Jamie Manifis, Yak Sherritt, Dave Skewes, Brett Townshend
The Kind 1985 Denise De Marchi, Suzi De Marchi, Dean Denton, Gary Dunn, Yak Sherritt, Boyd Wilson
Johnny Diesel and The Injectors 1985-19??
Close Action 1986 Yak Sherritt, John Heussanstamm, Bernie Bremond
Jimmy Barnes Band 1987-1989,1991-1992
acoustic shows with Helen Mountfort 1997
Diesel 2002

Members (Johnny Diesel and The Injectors)

Bremond Bernie (sax,bv) 1987-19?? Innocent Bystanders, Close Action, Nightride, Peter Wells Band, Oasis, Bob Armstrong and The Navigators, The Millionaires
Crocker Piers (g) 1990 ---
Dalstrom George (g) 1985-1987 ---
Dalzell Johnny (b) 1985-19?? The Juniors, The Teddy Bears, Innocent Bystanders
Sherritt Yak (d) 1985-19?? Innocent Bystanders, The Kind, Close Action, The Fingerprints, Jimmy Barnes Band

Members (Diesel)

Diesel Johnny (v,g) 2002
Moloney Lee (d,perc) 2002 Ghostwriters
Vez Richie (b,k,bv) 2002
Woolf Rob (k,bv) 2002

Sources of information: Diesel Discography, Peer Meyer, Mark Lizotte - Known As Diesel, Mark Lizotte Official Homepage, Hepfidelity Records
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