The Dingoes

Melbourne 1973-1978



The Dingoes            1974

CD   AUS   Mushroom MUSH32385.2

LP   AUS   Mushroom

Five Times The Sun     1977    8   Produced by Elliot F. Mazer

LP   AUS   A&M
     USA   A&M SP-4636

Orphans Of The Storm   1979

LP   AUS   A&M

Way Out West           1992

CD   AUS   Mushroom
     AUS   Mushroom MUSH32386.2

Contribution to album

Sunbury - Highlights of 1973 and 1974   200?
Triple J - Archive Series 1975          2005


Arnott Ray (d) 1974-1976
Du Bois John (b,v) 1973-1978 Circle Of Love, New Dream, Country Radio
Jeffers-Harding Andrew (g) 1978 ---
Lee John (d) 1973-1974,1976-1978 Sayla, Blackfeather, Gulliver Smith and The Dead End Kids, Ariel, Dirty Tricks (UK), Catfish Hodge Band (USA), Root Boy Slim, Blue Healers, Rattling Sabres
Logan Mal (k) 1973
Smith Broderick (v,harm) 1973-1978
Stockley Chris (g) 1973-1978
Strangio John (b) 1973 The Broken Things, St James Infirmary, Tintern Abbey, Tamile, Middle Earth, Blackfeather, Chariot, Rockwell T. James, The Deltoids, Swanee
Tolhurst Kerryn (g) 1973-1978

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