The Dirty Three

Melbourne 1992-present



N/A                          1992   12

MC          AUS   Scuzz SCUZZ001 (give away cassette)

The Dirty Three              1994    7

CD          AUS   Torn & Frayed TORNCD6
            AUS   Shock/Rough Trade RTD 131.3097.2
            UK    Big Cat Records ABB93CD
            USA   Touch and Go TG147

Sad and Dangerous            1995   10

CD          AUS   Torn & Frayed TORNCD10
            EUR   Poon Village/Forced Exposure POB 9102
            USA   Poon Village PV 027

LP          USA   Poon Village/Forced Exposure POB 9102 (1000 copies)

Horse Stories                1996    9

CD          AUS   Anchor & Hope AH001
            UK    Big Cat ABB115CD
            USA   Touch and Go TG165 CD

Sharks                       1998    4

CD-EP       AUS   Anchor & Hope AHX01S (only sold at shows)

Ocean Songs                  1998   10

CD          AUS   Anchor & Hope AH003
            UK    Bella Union BELLACD 3
            USA   Touch and Go Records TG193 CD (initial copies came with 3-track bonus disc)


Ufkuko                       1998    5

CD-EP       UK    Bella Union BELLACD 6

Whatever You Love, You Are   2000    6

CD          AUS   Anchor & Hope AH006
            GER   Glitterhouse GRCD486
            UK    Bella Union BELLACD16
            USA   Touch and Go TG223

Lowlands                     2000    8

CD          AUS   Anchor & Hope AHX02S (limited edition of 1000 copies, only sold at shows)

shared with Low:
Obvious Is Obvious           1997    2

CD-Single   USA   Touch and Go TG183 CD

shared with Scenic:
A Strange Holiday            1998    2

Single      USA   Narwhal NAR001

Contribution to album

Absolutely Live 1995                   1995
The Big Backyard                       1995
Songs In The Key Of X                  1996
Triple J Live                          1996
Recovery  - Songs From The Back Door   1997
To Hal And Bacharach                   1998
Live from the Devil's Triangle         1998
Praise (Soundtrack)                    1999
Recovery - Ready For Transmission      1999


Ellis Warren (viol) 1992-present
Turner Mick (g,b) 1992-present
White Jim (d) 1992-present

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