Sydney 1980-present



Monkey Grip (Soundtrack)          1982    6   Produced by Mark Opitz

Mini-CD     AUS   (issued 1997)

Mini-LP     AUS   WEA MONKEY 1

Mini-MC     AUS   WEA M5MONKEY 1

Desperate                         1983   10   Produced by Bob Clearmountain and Mark Opitz

CD          AUS

LP          AUS   Chrysalis CHR D 205271
            AUS   Chrysalis CHR 1404 (reissue 1987)

What A Life!                      1985   11   Produced by Gary Langan, Mike Chapman and Mark Opitz

CD          AUS

LP          AUS   Chrysalis RML-53130
            USA   Chrysalis BFV 41511 (10 tracks)

Temperamental                     1988   11   Produced by Mike Chapman

CD          AUS
            USA   Chrysalis VK41627 DIDX2707

LP          AUS   Chrysalis CHR 1627

Divinyls                          1991   11   Produced by Divinyls and David Tickle

CD          AUS   Virgin CDVUS 30
            GER   Virgin 261 285 (CDVUS 30)
            USA   Virgin 91397

LP          GER   Virgin 211 285

MC          GER   Virgin 411 285
            USA   Virgin 91397

Essential Masters - The Best Of   1991   12

CD          AUS   Chrysalis
            UK    Chrysalis CCD 1846 CDP 3218462

MC          AUS   Chrysalis

Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart      1992

CD-Single   AUS   Song

Divinyls Collection               199?   14

CD          AUS

MC          AUS

Live                              1994    9

CD          AUS   ? 7310012 (limited edition)
            AUS   Massive (re-issue 1998)

MC          AUS   ? 7310014 (limited edition)

Underworld                        1996

CD          AUS

Make You Happy 1981-1993          1997   20

CD          AUS

Greatest Hits                     2006   20

CD          AUS   EMI

Contribution to album

Reckless Kelly (Soundtrack)   1993


Amphlett Christina (v) 1980-present Daisy Clover, One Ton Gypsy, Steamhammer, The Boy From Oz stageplay
McEntee Mark (g,k,bv) 1980-present Air Supply, Malcolm McCallum Band, Good Vibrations (session)

Borkman Lee (k) 199?
Cain Muggs (d) 19?? ---
Drayton Charlie (d) 19?? ---
Firth Ken (b) 1982
Grossman Rick (b) 1982-1987
Harvey Richard (d) 1981-1987 Feet First, Malcolm McCallum Band, The Party Boys, The Hippos, The Big Daddys
Harris J.J. (d) 1985-1986 Seven Ballerinas, Riptides, J.J.'s Way, Bang The Drum
Hilbun Jim (b) 1991 The Angels, Richard Clapton Band, Angry Anderson Band, Gank, Bob Armstrong and The Navigators, The Fallen Angels
Hughes Matthew (k,b) 198?-1988 Katmandu, Ginger, Finch, The Venetians
Infante Frank (g) 19?? Blondie (USA)
Lyon Kenneth (k) 1987 ---
Mason Roger (k) 1988-1989,1991 James Freud, Orient-R, Gary Numan (UK), Illustrated Man, The Models, Jenny Morris Band, Icehouse, Peter Blakeley Band, Tommy Emmanuel Band, Shane Howard Band, Diesel Band
McLean Warren (d) 1988 Machinations, Flotsam Jetsam, I'm Talking, James Freud Band, Sean Kelly and Absent Friends, The Party Boys, Mama's Darlings
Meyer Mark (d) 1991 Sailor, Stylus, Richard Clapton Band, Moving Pictures, Wild Colonial Boys, Chasin' The Train, Tania Bowra Band, Troy Newman Band, Wendy Matthews Band, Good Vibrations (session)
Millikan Tim (b) 1987-1988 Tootieville, Concrete Blonde (USA), Chantoozies, Diamond Dogs, Paul Norton Band, Black 'n' Blonde, Daryl Braithwaite Band, Furious Chariot Drivers, The Trailblazers, Scarecrow, Mick Pealing and The Method
Ohlin Bjarne (k,g,bv) 1980-1986
Owen Charlie (g) 1991
Paul Jeremy (b) 1980-1982 Soffrok, Air Supply
Phillips Jeff (d) 19?? ---
Powles Tim (d) 1989
Smith Jerome (b) ---

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