Dave Dobbyn



Lipstick Power              1981    2

Single   NZL   Epic ES545

Bull By The Horns           1981    2

Single   NZL   Epic ES636

Soundtrack: Footrot Flats   1986   13

CD       AUS   CBS CDCBS 450468

LP       AUS   CBS

Loyal                       1988   12   Produced by Mark Moffatt, Bruce Lynch and Dave Dobbyn

CD       AUS   CBS 460655 2
         AUT   CBS 460655 2

LP       HOL   CBS 460655 1

MC       HOL   CBS 460655 4

Dave Dobbyn Collection      1993   14

CD       AUS   Festival D30733 (?/14 tracks)

Lament For The Numb         1993   11   Produced by Mitchell Froom

CD       AUS   East West 450992330-2

Twist                       1994   12   Produced by Neil Finn

CD       AUS   Epic 477792.2
         AUT   Columbia COL 477792 2 (issued 1995)
         NZL   Epic 477792.2
         USA   Tristar WK35025 (12 tracks, missing "Gifted", "Betrayal" and "Umm", added "Lament for the Numb", "Belle of the Ball" and "Maybe the Rain")

The Islander                1998   13   Produced by Dave Dobbyn

CD       AUS   Epic (issued 1999)
         NZL   Epic 491456.2

Overnight Success           1999   18

CD       NZL

MC       NZL

Hopetown                    2000

CD       NZL

Available Light             2004

CD       NZL

with Tim Finn and Bic Runga:
Together In Concert Live    2000   15   Produced by Malcolm Welsford

CD       AUS   (issued 2001)
         NZL   CRS Records 5011402000

Contribution to album

ENZSO                      1996
ENZSO 2                    1998
The Underwater Melon Man   1999


D.D. Smash        lp   Deep In The Heart Of Taxes   1983
Grant McLennan    cd   Watershed                    1991
Grant McLennan    cd   Fireboy                      1993
Wayne Gillespie   cd   Living In Exile              1993
Greg Johnson      s    Softly On Me                 19??

Session musician

I Am Joe's Music   lp   I Am Joe's Music          1983
QED                lp   Animal Magic              1984
Jenny Morris       s    Get Some Humour           1984
Jenny Morris       s    You're Gonna Get Caught   1985
Jenny Morris       lp   Body And Soul             1987
Al Hunter          lp   N.C.                      1987
Jenny Morris       cd   Honeychild                1991
Grant McLennan     cd   Watershed                 1991
Johnny Batchelor   cd   Rough Spots               1992
Wayne Gillespie    cd   Living In Exile           1993
Grant McLennan     cd   Fireboy                   1993
Finn               cd   Finn                      1995
Bic Runga          cd   Beautiful Collision       2002
Exponents          cd   Grassy Knoll              19??


Th' Dudes 1976-1980
D.D. Smash 1980-
The Party Boys (NZ) 1984 Jenny Morris, Dave McArtney, Peter Warren, Mike Chunn
The Party Boys (NZ) 1985 Neil Finn, Peter Warren, Mike Chunn
Grant McLennan Trio 1991 Grant McLennan, Mike Barclay

Sources of information: Wayne Gillespie, Stefan Warnqvist, The BELLT0WER - the unofficial Dave Dobbyn Homepage, Dave Dobbyn Official Homepage, Finn-Runga-Dobbyn
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