Reg and Peter's Dog Trumpet

Sydney 1990-present



Two Heads One Brain     1991   12   Produced by Steve James and Peter O'Doherty

CD      AUS   Regular D30577

LP      AUS   Regular L30577

Kiss a Gun Down         1992    5

CD-EP   AUS   Regular D11332

MC-EP   AUS   Regular

Strange Brew            1993    5   Produced by Brett Stanton, Peter O'Doherty and John Bliss

CD-EP   AUS   Regular D11609

MC-EP   AUS   Regular

Suitcase                1996   14   Produced by Peter O'Doherty and Martin White

CD      AUS   TWA Records TWAD106

Dog Trumpet             2002   14   Produced by Peter O'Doherty

CD      AUS   Half A Cow hac101

Antisocial Tendencies   2007   13

CD      AUS   Half A Cow hac126

Session musicians

Mental As Anything   cd   Beetroot Stains   2001


Mombassa Reg (g,v) 1990-present Mental As Anything, The Rock Party, The Stetsons
O'Doherty Peter (v,b,g) 1990-present Mental As Anything, The Stetsons, Lullaby And Goodnight (track)

Bliss John (d) 1991-1993 Thundaband, Native Sons, Brucelanders, Reels, Numbers, Ya Ya Choral
Ciampa Jess (d) 2002
Gubb Mike (k) 1991-1993
Hayes Bernie (b) 2002
Hornybrook Mark (b) 1991-1992
Martin Tony (b) 1992-1993 King Link
Travers Andy (d)
Zwartz Jonathon (b)

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