Joe Dolce



Shaddap You Face         1981   10   Produced by Ian McKenzie, Joe Dolce and John French

LP        AUS   Full Moon
          SWE   Frituna FRLN-165

MC        SWE   Frituna FRKN-165

Christmas In Australia   1981

Mini-LP   AUS   Hammard

Christmas Album          1981    9   Produced by Steve Tyrell

LP        SWE   Frituna FRLP-173

MC        SWE   Frituna FRKA-173

Pizza Pizza              1984   ??   Produced by Ian McKenzie

Mini-LP   AUS   Fable

Contribution to album

Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge   2000


Joe Camilleri   s


Headstone Circus
La Somnambule 1984

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