Do Ré Mi

Sydney 1981-1988



Do Ré Mi                     1982    4

EP       AUS   Green

The Waiting Room             1982    6

EP       AUS   Larrakin

Domestic Harmony             1985   10   Produced by Gavin Mackillop

CD       AUS   Virgin (5 bonus tracks)

LP       AUS   Virgin
         GER   Virgin 207 357-620 (1 extra track; "Black Crocodiles")

Guns and Butter              1986    2

Single   AUS   Virgin

The Happiest Place In Town   1988   12   Produced by Martin Rushent

CD       AUS   Virgin
         UK    Virgin CDV 2467


Bray Dorland (d,perc,bv) 1981-1988 Bullets, News, Benders, Critics Corner, James Griffin and The Subterraneans, Ghostwriters
Carter Helen (b,bv) 1981-1988 Kronics, Friction, Lupi
Conway Deborah (v) 1981-1988
Philip Stephen (g) 1981-1988 Thought Criminals, Lupi

Bull Peter (k) 198? Idiot Savant (NZ), Sea Monsters, Flaming Hands, Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls, Ed Kuepper Band, The Aints
Grimer Colin (k) 1985- Dance Theatre
Hooper Craig (k) 198?
Sykes Michael (k) 198? Primal Urge

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