John Dowler



Low Society   1993

CD     AUS   In Law/Siren

with Sunset Strip:
Holocaust     1989

Maxi   AUS   Au Go Go (10")

Session musician

Stephen Cummings   lp   This Wonderful Life   1986


Spare Change 1973-1977
Young Modern 1977-1979
The Glory Boys 1980 Chris Langman, Robert Kretschmer, Nick Seymour, John Wilkinson
Talk Show 1980 Dave Cahill, Chris Langman, Robert Kretschmer, Graeme Perry
Everybody's So Glad 1981 Bill Darling, Steve Pike, Bob Delfonia, Steve Shears
The Marching Girls 1981 Brian Colechin, Ron Perry, Paula Sheldrake
The Zimmermen 1983-1990
O'Hara's Playboys 1991- Graeme Drysdale
The Glory Boys

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