New Zealand/Sydney 1972-1979,1982-1989,1995,2006



Universal Radio                  1974    6

LP          NZL   Vertigo 6360902
            ???   Deep Records (issued 2001)

Scented Gardens For The Blind    1975    6

CD          NZL   TRC 045 (issued 1994)

LP          NZL   Vertigo 6360903

Sunshine                         1977   10   Produced by Peter Dawkins

CD          AUS   Portrait 469447-2 (issued 1991, entitled "Dragon", different artwork and song titles)

LP          AUS   CBS SBP 234946
            HOL   Portrait PRT 82636 (issued 1978, entitled "Dragon", different artwork and song titles)
            USA   Portrait PR 35068 (entitled "Dragon", different artwork and song titles)

MC          AUS   CBS PC 4946

Running Free                     1977   10   Produced by Peter Dawkins

CD          AUS   CBS 465720-2 (issued 1989)

LP          AUS   Portrait PR 33005

MC          AUS   Portrait PRC 005

Are You Old Enough               1978

LP          USA   Portrait JR 35554

Dragon                           1978

LP          HOL   Portrait PRT 82636
            UK    Portrait PRT 82636
O Zambezi                        1978   10   Produced by Peter Dawkins

CD          AUS   Portrait 462739-2
            AUS   Rainbow RCD 9082 (different artwork)
            AUS   Portrait/Select 462739-2 (issued 1988, different artwork)

LP          AUS   Portrait PR 33010

MC          AUS   Portrait PRC010

Greatest Hits Vol. 1             1979   10

CD          AUS   Portrait 462440 2

LP          AUS   CBS SBP 237294

MC          AUS   CBS PC 7294

Power Play                       1979   10   Produced by Peter Dawkins

LP          AUS   CBS SBP 237352

MC          AUS   CBS PC 7352

Ramona                           1982    2

Single      AUS   EMI EMI 875
            NZL   EMI EMI 981

Are You Old Enough               1983   16

LP          AUS   K-Tel NA 662

Body And The Beat                1984   10   Produced by Carey Taylor and Alan Mansfield

CD          AUS   Polydor 817 874-2
            AUS   Rainbow RCD 9170 (different artwork)
            GER   Polydor 817 874-2

LP          AUS   Polydor 817 874-1 (first pressings begin with a thunderstorm sound effect)
            CAN   Polydor PDS-1-6400
            GER   Polydor 817 874-1
            UK    Polydor POLD5143
            USA   Polydor 817 874-1

MC          AUS   Polydor 817 874-4

Live One                         1985

LP          AUS   Polydor 825 860-1

MC          AUS   Polydor 825 860-4

Dreams Of Ordinary Men           1986   10   Produced by Todd Rundgren

CD          AUS   Polydor 829 828-2 (2 extra tracks)
            GER   Polydor 829 828-2 (2 extra tracks)
            USA   Polydor 831 760-2 (issued under the name "Hunter", 3 extra tracks, different artwork)

LP          AUS   Polydor 829 828-1
            GER   Polydor 829 828-1
            USA   Polydor 831 760-1 (issued under the name "Hunter")

MC          AUS   Polydor 829 828-4

Same Old Blues                   1986

Double-LP   UK    Portrait PR 32636 ("Sunshine" and "Running Free" albums)

Celebration                      1987    2

Single      AUS   RCA/Wheatley 104791

Maxi        AUS   RCA/Wheatley
            AUS   RCA TDS425 (2 different mixes)

River                            1988    2   Produced by Dragon and David Hirschfelder

Single      AUS   RCA/Wheatley 104884

Maxi        AUS   RCA/Wheatley TDS 462 (1 extra track)

Four Play Vol 14                 1988    4

CD-EP       AUS   CBS BA651088-2

EP          AUS   CBS BA651088-1

MC-EP       AUS   CBS BA651088-4

So Far                           1988   16

LP          AUS   J&B JB325

MC          AUS   J&B JB325C

Bondi Road                       1989   12   Produced by Dragon and David Hirschfelder

CD          AUS   RCA/Wheatley SFCD0170
            GER   RCA/Wheatley PD90397
            JAP   RCA R32P-1227

LP          AUS   RCA/Wheatley SFL 10170
            GER   RCA/Wheatley PL90397

MC          AUS   RCA/Wheatley
            GER   RCA/Wheatley PK90397

Their Classic Collection         1989   17

CD          AUS   J&B JB526

Cuts From The Rough Times        1990   15

CD          AUS   Polydor 843 257-2

Best of Dragon and Mondo Rock    1990   18

CD          AUS   J&B JB418CD (9/18 tracks, other tracks by Mondo Rock)

Aussie Four Pack                 1990   32

Double-CD   AUS   J&B JB589CD (8/32 tracks, other tracks by Angels, Mental As Anything and Mondo Rock)

Incarnations                     1995   13

CD          AUS   Roadshow 14251-2

CDEP                             1996    4

CD-EP       AUS   Epic 486533.2

Snake Eyes 0n The Paradise       1998   21

CD          AUS   Raven RVCD-76

Tales From The Dark Side         1998   19

CD          AUS   Raven RVCD-80 (also contains "Snake Eyes 0n The Paradise" CD)

Sunshine/Running Free            2001

Double-CD   AUS   Columbia 5049552000

The Great Dragon                 2004   27

3-CD        AUS   Rajon Amcos CDR0298

From Sunshine to Rain               2006   17   Produced by Todd Hunter and Brent Clark

CD          AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0902

Contribution to album

Nightmovin' Live   1977


Borkman Lee (k) 1989
Caen Mike (g) 1989,1995
Chambers Terry (d) 1983-1985 XTC (UK)
Chunn Geoff (d) 1974 Stillwater, Rosewood, Split Enz, Citizen Band
Collins Graeme (v,p) 1972 Human Instinct, Staff
Drummond Pete (d) 2006
Emmanuel Tommy (g) 1986-1987
Farmer Mitch (d) 1989 Chris Turner Band, Big Rock Band, Sharon O'Neill Band, Tommy Emmanuel Band, Groove City Co-Op, The Devotions, Eastick-Emmanuel Band, Mondo Rock, Say Yes, Emmanuel Brothers Band, Rick Price Band
Goodwin Ray (v,g,k) 1972-1975 Jacob Manning, OK Dinghy, Anteapot, Staff, John Paul Young and The All Stars, Cheek, Punkz, Silver Studs, Monsoon, Atla, TT2S
Hewson Paul (k) 1975-1979,1979,1982-1984 Freedom Express (NZ), The Marble Arch (NZ), Cruise Lane (NZ), Hello Sailor, Pink Flamingos, Essentials. died Jan 1985
Hirschfelder David (k,prog) 1987,1989 Pyramid, Peter Cupples Band, Little River Band, Blowout, John Farnham Band, Yu-En
Hunter Marc (v,sax,perc) 1973-1979,1982-1989,1995
Hunter Todd (b) 1972-1979,1979,1982-1989,1995,2006 Zeke (NZ), Heavy Park (NZ), OK Dinghy (NZ), Anteapot (NZ), Staff (NZ), Headhunters, XL Capris, Scribble, Good Vibrations (session)
Jacobsen Kerry (d) 1977-1979,1979,1982-1983 Tapestry, Mammal, Quincey Conserve, Kevin Borich Express, Mondo Rock, Fast Foods, DV 8, Willy Winter Band, Billy Miller and The Great Blokes, The Best
Lee Richard (v,viol,g) 1979 Isaac Aaron, Sidewinder, Melbourne Zoo
Mansfield Alan (k,g,bv) 1983-1989,1995 Doug Parkinson Band, My Old School, Wild Colonial Boys, Jimmy Barnes Band, Doc Neeson's Angels
Northcote Peter (g) 1995 John Paul Young and The All Stars, Swanee, Fabulous Zarsoff Brothers, Big Rock Band, Linda Barnes Band, Stevie Wright's Hard Rain, The Joy Boys
Perry Doane (d) 1986 Rivets (UK), Jethro Tull (UK)
Reid Bruce (g) 2006 Wendy Matthews Band, Leisuremasters, Eureka, The Catholics, The Field
Reynolds Neil (d) 1972 Red Hot Peppers
Rogers Billy (harm,sax,p) 1979 Flying Doctors, Last Chance Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe, The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert, John Paul Young and The All Stars, Essentials, Jim Fisher and The Flaming Hearts, Steve Tallis Unit, Fat Sam and The Jungle Kings
Sidari Andy (b,g,k) 1989
Storey Neil (d) 1973-1974,1974-1976 Mandrake (NZ), Billy TK and Powerhouse (NZ). died 1976
Taylor Robert (g) 1974-1979,1979,1982-1984 Mandrake (NZ), Chum, Mammal, Windy City Strugglers, Magnetics, Dan Johnson Band, Good Vibrations (track)
Thompson Ivan (k) 1973-1974 Mandrake (NZ)
Watson John (d) 1989
Williams Mark (v,g) 2006

Sources of information: Chuck Miller, Dragon Discography, Dragon Homepage, Dragon Online
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