The Dubrovniks

Sydney 1988-



Fireball Of Love          1988    2   Produced by Rob Younger

Single   AUS   Citadel CIT036

My Coo Ca Choo            1988    2

Single   AUS   Citadel CIT043

Dubrovnik Blues           1989   ??   Produced by Chris Masuak

CD       GER   Normal 117 (issued 1990)

LP       AUS   Timberyard Records SAW 003

Audio Sonic Love Affair   1990   ??   Produced by Kevin Shirley

CD       AUS   Mushroom
         GER   Normal 127

Chrome                    1992   11   Produced by Kevin Shirley

CD       AUS   Survival SUR 523 CD
         AUS   Mushroom MUSH32093.2
         GER   IRS 987.605

Medicine Wheel            1994   ??   Produced by The Dubrovniks, Phil Punch and David Mason-Cox

CD       AUS
         GER   Normal 167


Armstrong Glen (g,bv) 1992- The Girlies, Raggedy Man, Horny Toads
Baker James (d,perc) 1988-
Flynn Christopher (g,v) 1989-199? Headstones, Motorhank
Radalj Rod (g,b) 1988-1989
Simpson Peter (g,p,v) 1988-1990,199?- Teeny Weenies, Super K, Go Kids, Spectres Revenge, Hoi Polloi, James Baker Experience, The Adorable Ones
Sudjovic Boris (b,g,v) 1988- The Exterminators, The Invaders, The Rockets, The Scientists, The Beasts of Bourbon, James Baker Experience, The Adorable Ones

Sources of information: Divine Rites
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