Th' Dudes

New Zealand 1976-1980



Right First Time                     1979    9

LP        NZL   Key 36685

MC        NZL   Key

Where Are The Boys?                  1980   11

LP        AUS   Festival L37018
          NZL   Key
          ???   Stebbing

MC        NZL   Key

So You Wanna Be A Rock'n'Roll Star   1982    6

CD        AUS   Festival D30560 (shared double-CD 1991 Hello Sailor: Last Chance To Dance)

Mini-LP   NZL   Key 20041

Dave Dobbyn Collection               1993   14

CD   AUS   Festival D30733 (?/14 tracks)


Coleman Peter (b) 1976-1978
Dobbyn Dave (g) 1976-1980
Hambling Bruce (d) 1976-1980
Morris Ian (g,v,k) 1976-1980 Chillum, D.D. Smash, Dave McArtney and The Pink Flamingos
Urlich Peter (v) 1976-1980
White Lez (b) 1978-1980 Subterraneans

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