The Dukes

Sydney 1990-1993



Harbour City       1992   10   Produced by Geoff Stapleton and Sean Kelly

CD      AUS   Columbia 472082 2

I Fought the Law   1993    4


Contribution to album

Reckless Kelly (Soundtrack)   1993


Dennison Mark (sax) 1990-1993 DD Smash, The Brasstards, King Tut, Big Bump
Dubber Kevin (trump) 1990-1993 DD Smash, The Brasstards, Big Bump
Georgeson Tony (d,perc) 1990-1993
Kelly Sean (v,g) 1990-1993
Stapleton Geoff (k,g) 1990-1993
Willersdorf Peter (b) 1990-1993 Nashville Sounds, Venture, Red Herring, Troppo, Bid Red, Troppo II, Barry Charles and The Last Resort, Troppo III, Made In Oz, Tim Gaze Band, Four On The Floor, The Chris Lloyds Band, The Fargen Brothers, The Brakes, Full Blast and The Wilderbeasts, Skin Game, Gyan, The Sultans

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