Judith Durham



Judy Durham and Frank Traynor's Jazz Preachers   1963    4

EP          AUS   Wamp;G

The Olive Tree                                   1967    2

Single      UK    Columbia/EMI DB8207

Again And Again                                  1967    2

Single      UK    Columbia/EMI DB8290

For Christmas With Love                          1968   11   Produced by Bill Miller

CD          AUS   (issued 1997, 2 bonus tracks; "Amazing Grace" and "Somewhere A Child Is Sleeping")

LP          UK    Columbia/EMI SCX 6374

Gift Of Song                                     1970   11   Produced by Chad Stuart

LP          UK    A&M AMLS 967

Climb Ev'ry Mountain                             1970   12   Produced by Ron Richards

LP          UK    A&M AMLS 2011

Here Am I                                        1972   12

LP          UK    A&M/Mayfair AMLB 51035

Australia's Own Judith Durham                    1972   13

LP          UK    A&M/Mayfair SRA 250.094

The Hottest Band In Town                         197?   13

CD          AUS   (issued 1999)

LP          AUS   Interfusion/Festival

The Hottest Band In Town Vol. 2                  1974   13   Produced by Ron Edgeworth

CD          AUS   (issued 1999)

LP          AUS   Interfusion/Festival L35331

Let Me Find Love                                 1994   12   Produced by Michael Cristiano

CD          AUS   EMI 8292412

Mona Lisas                                       1996   13   Produced by Gus Dudgeon

CD          AUS   EMI (issued 1997, entitled "Always There", added "I Am Australian" and "Always There", missing "Heart 0n My Sleeve" and "Turn,Turn,Turn")
            UK    EMI/Premier 72438 37129 22

Hold On To Your Dreams                           2000

CD          AUS

Shared with The Seekers:
Just A Closer Walk With Thee                     19??    2

Single      AUS   W&G WG-s-8079

with Ron Edgeworth:
Hot Jazz Duo - Live In Concert                   1979    9   Produced by Ron Edgeworth and Judy Durham

LP          AUS   Interfusion/Festival

with Russell Hitchcock and Mandawuy Yunupingu:
I Am Australian                                  1997    1

CD-Single   AUS   EMI

Contribution to album

The Spirit of Christmas 1994   1994
The Spirit of Christmas 1995   1995
The Spirit of Christmas 1996   1996
The Spirit of Christmas 1998   1998
Rove Live - ...Some Music      2001
The Spirit of Christmas 2003   2003


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