Dynamic Hepnotics

Sydney 1979-1986



Shakin' All Over       1980    4

EP        AUS   Mambo

Hepnobeat              1981    2

Single    AUS   Mambo
          AUS   Missing Link (re-issue)
          EUR   Statik

Maxi      AUS   Stateside/CBS (issued 1982)

Strange Land           1982    6   Produced by Ross Wilson

Mini-LP   AUS   Missing Link

I'll Make You          1984    2

Single    AUS   White

Soul Kind Of Feeling   1984    2

Single   AUS   White

Live                   1984

LP        AUS   Mushroom

Gotta Be Wrong         1985    2

Single    AUS   White

Take You Higher        1985

LP        AUS   Mushroom

On Our Way Now         1986    2

Single    AUS   White

Contribution to album

Mushroom 25 Live   1998


Allen Bruce (sax) 1980-1985 Jeff St John Band, Ol'55
Archibald Duncan (d) 1986 The Mighty Reapers
Bishop Peter (brass) 1985-1986 The Australian Pops, The Flying Fruit Fly Orchestra, The Fabolous Singlettes, Machinations tour, Jabulani, Wildur Wilde's Blowout, Warren Daly's Big Band, Jorn Dorsey's Big Band, That's That, Peter Bishop Band, The Black Sorrows
Brewer Dave (g) 1985-1986 Elks, The Mighty Reapers
Britton Allen (b) 1980-1986 Mangrove Boogie Kings, The Foreday Riders, The Bondi Cigars
Gubb Mike (k) 1985-1986
Martin Tim (sax) 1979-1980 Friends
Pascoe Chris (k) 1986
Patti Manuel (b) 1979-1980
Ruhle Richard (d) 1979-1980, The Mighty Reapers
Silver Andrew (g) 1979-1985 Big Town Playboys, Wild Blue Yonder
Simmonds Mark (sax) 1985-1986 Caboose, Hi-Revving Tongues, Drain, Corroboree, Chris Turner Band, Silver Studs, Keys Orchestra, Moonlight, Ol' 55, Jump Back Jack, Freeboppers, Bentley's Boogie Band, Renee Geyer Band
Souter Robert (d) 1980-1986 Lizard, Gulliver's Travels, Living Legends
Susz Robert (v,harm) 1979-1986 Elks, Rugcutters, Humdinger Dogs, Champions, Mighty Reapers of Vegeance, The Mighty Reapers, The Rock Party
Swanton Lloyd (b) 1986 Benders, The Necks, Stephen Cummings and Lovetown, Wizards of Oz, The Catholics, Bass, Vince Jones Band

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