Melbourne 1983-1984



Cheesecloth/Pilon And The Tum Tum Tree   1985    2

Single   AUS   Rampant


Bradley Russel (d) 1983-1984 Not Drowning, Waving, Push Of Love, Ordinary Field, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Sea Stories
Bridie David (k) 1983-1984
Cole Tim (v) 1983-1984 Not Drowning, Waving, Christopher Coe and The Royal Canadians
McKinnon Rowan (b) 1983-1984 Not Drowning, Waving, James Griffin and The Shadow Gang
Phillips John (g,samples,sounds) 1983-1984 Usual Suspects, Not Drowning, Waving, Battle Happy, Hobgoblin Sextet
Simmons Greg (?) 1983-1984 ---
Southall James (perc) 1983-1984 Not Drowning, Waving

Sources of information: David Bridie, Another Pond
© Magnus Holmgren
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