Eastick-Emmanuel Band



Campbell Adrian (v) 1989 Keith McKay Trio, Ada's Persuaders, Fat Harry, Rainbow, Raw Glory, Bootleg Family Band, Avalanche, Front Page, Incession, Brown Sugar, Cover Up, Adrian's Wall, Fresh
Eastick Malcolm (g) 1989
Emmanuel Tommy (g) 1989
Farmer Mitch (d) 1989 Chris Turner Band, Big Rock Band, Sharon O'Neill Band, Tommy Emmanuel Band, Groove City Co-Op, The Devotions, Dragon, Mondo Rock, Say Yes, Emmanuel Brothers Band, Rick Price Band
Logan Mal (k) 1989
Rounds Victor (b) 1989 Barry Leef Band, Tommy Emmanuel Band, Groove City Co-op, Midnight Shack, Jenny Morris Band, Mark Williams Band, Dumbala, Rick Price Band

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