Malcolm Eastick



The Southern Line   1995   11   Produced by Mal Eastick

     AUS   Bluefish BRCD 001 (remastered re-issue 2000, different track order)

Spirit              2001   12   Produced by Mal Eastick

CD   AUS   Bluefish BRCD 002


Stars             lp    Land Of Fortune                      1979
Stars             lp    1157                                 1980
Various           dlp   The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert   1980
Urban Guerillas   s     She's Probably                       1983

Session musician

Various        dlp   The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert   1980
Jimmy Barnes   lp    Bodyswerve                           1984
Jimmy Barnes   lp    For The Working Class Man            1985
Hoodoo Gurus   lp    Blow Your Cool!                      1987


Astra Kahn 1972-1973
Flash 1974-1975
Stars 1975-1979
Broderick Smith's Big Combo 1979-1982
Max Merritt and The Meteors 1982
Jimmy Barnes Band 1984,1988
Mal Eastick Band 1986-
The Party Boys 1989
Eastick-Emmanuel Band 1989
The Hothouse Rockers 1990
Chain 1992

Members (Mal Eastick Band)

Chapman Simon (k) 1991- The Witchdoctors
Du Bois Dirk (b) 1992 Rocket 88, Marlon B. Rando, Chain
Eastick Mal (g) 1986-
Eriwata Choc (v) 1991- The Witchdoctors
Geappon Robbie (b) 1986,1990-1992 Phil Manning Band, Mick Pealing and The Ideals, Russell Morris and The Rubes, Joyce Brothers, Steve Hoy and The Lost Millions, Cletis Carr Band, Fresh, The Giants
Jensen Shauna (v) 1986-1987,1991 Locals, Jimmy Barnes Band, Tommy Emmanuel Band, Renee Geyer Band, Rick Price Band
Lees Ian (b) 1996- The Moving Pictures, Allied Harp, Wild Colonial Boys, Chasin' The Train, Groove City Co-Op
Makey John (v) 1997- The River Rats, Black Label, Mudcrab Soup
Miranda Rudy (d) 1990- Chain, Dave Hole and Short Fuse
Pealing Mick (v) 1990
Pizar Rocko (k) 1990 ---
Tice Dave (v) 1987 The Odd Colours, Capitol Showband, Head, Buffalo, Mr Madness, Cobra, Count Bishops (UK), The Headhunters, Strange Brew
Wanders Theo (d) 1986 Auto Dale (UK), Steeleye Span, Naughty Rhythms, The Headhunters

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