Kutcha Edwards



Galleries Of Life   2000   ??   Produced by David Bridie

CD-Single   AUS

Cooinda             2002   12   Produced by Paul Kelly, Richard Pleasance, Paul Hester, David Bridie, Peter Luscombe, Simon Polinski, Grant Hansen and Kutcha Edwards

CD          AUS   Shock KE1

Contribution to album

Making Tracks   1999


Bob and Hazel

Session musician

David Bridie   cd   Act of Free Choice   2000


Blackfire 1990-1999
Singers For The Red Black and Gold 1997
Kutcha Edwards and Band

Members (Kutcha Edwards and Band)

Edwards Kutcha (v)
Favaro John (g) All Talk, The Fabs, Seperate Tables, Girl Overboard, Broderick Smith Band, Schizophrenics, The Badloves, The Masters Apprentices
Hansen Grant (g,bv) Blackfire
Haymes Bruce (k) 2002
Hester Paul (d,bv) 2002
McSweeney Andrew (b,bv)
Tabone Chris (d) FX, Major Minor, Stealers, Mick Pealing and The Method, Crown Of Thorns, The Badloves
Trgovcic Steve (g)

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