Lisa Edwards



Centre Spread          1981    2

Single      AUS   Mushroom

Thru The Hoop          1993

CD          AUS   Emerald City/Polydor

with Adrian Campbell:
You Are My Melbourne   1985    2

Single      AUS   Powderworks

Contribution to album

Tram Tracks 1993               1993
The Spirit of Christmas 1993   1993
The Spirit of Christmas 1994   1994
The Spirit of Christmas 1995   1995
The Spirit of Christmas 1998   1998
The Spirit of Christmas 2002   2002

Session musician

Joe Lamont                   lp   Secret You Keep                  1985
Peter Best                   lp   Crocodile Dundee (soundtrack)    1987
Various                      lp   Rikky and Pete (soundtrack)      1988
The Black Sorrows            lp   Hold On To Me                    1988
John Farnham                 lp   Age Of Reason                    1988
John Farnham                 cd   Full House                       1991
John Farnham                 cd   Then Again...                    1993
Daryl Braithwaite            cd   Six Moons                        1994
Various                      cd   The Spirit of Christmas 1996     1996
Farnham/Newton-John/Warlow   cd   Highlights From The Main Event   1998
John Farnham                 cd   Live At The Regent Theatre       1999
Peter Andre                  cd   Peter Andre                      1999
Kylie Minogue                cd   Intimate & Live                  1999
Various                      cd   The Spirit of Christmas 1999     1999
John Farnham                 cd   33 1/3                           2000
Olivia Newton-John           cd   One Woman's Live Journey         2000
Various                      cd   Games of the XXVII Olympiad      2000

Tom Jones
Real Life


White Light Orchestra 1986
Turbo Luv Nuns 198?
Short Circuit 198?
John Farnham Band 1986-
Noel's Cowards 1988

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