Warren Ellis



3 Pieces For Violin   2001    3

CD   AUS   King Crab KC-001

Contribution to album

Where Joy Kills Sorrow   1997

Session musician

Tex, Don and Charlie                cd     Sad But True                                    1993
Kim Salmon and The Surrealists      cd     Sin Factory                                     1993
David McComb                        cd     Love Of Will                                    1994
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds         cd     Let Love In                                     1994
Robert Forster                      cd     I Had A New York Girlfriend                     1994
Dave Graney and The Choral Snakes   cd     You Wanna Be There But You Don't Wanna Travel   1994
Spencer P. Jones                    cd     Rumour Of Death                                 1994
Plums                               cdep   Heavenly                                        1995
The Cruel Sea                       cd     Three Legged Dog                                1995
Anita Lane                          cds    The World's A Girl                              1995
Crow                                cd     Li Lo King                                      1995
Mick Harvey                         cd     Intoxicated Man                                 1996
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds         cd     Murder Ballads                                  1996
Tex Perkins                         cd     Far Be It From Me                               1996
The Walkabouts                      cd     Nighttown                                       1997
Tex Perkins                         cd     Dark Horses                                     2000
The Cruel Sea                       cd     Where There's Smoke                             2001


These Future Kings 1986 Charles Caldas, Perry White, Steven Johansen, Claudia White, Mark Freeman
The Blackeyed Susans 1992-1993
Busload Of Faith 1992 Megan Bawden, John Bone, James Boddington, Stefan Fydock, Nick Reischbeith, Jim White
Kim Salmon and The Surrealists 1992
Dirty Three 1992-present
Kim Salmon's STM 1994
David McComb and The Red Ponies 1994
Charles Marshall and The Body Electric 1993-
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds 1996-present
Grinderman 2006-

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