Phil Emmanuel



Kakadu Sunrise                   1992   14   Produced by Tommy Emmanuel and Ted Yanni

CD      AUS   Dino
        AUS   PEM 001D (re-release 1996)

MC      AUS   Dino

In The Shadows of The Beatles    1999   13

CD      AUS

The Miracle                      2001    5


Phil Emmanuel Band:
E.G.P - Electric Guitar Player   2002   10

CD      AUS

with Tommy Emmanuel:
Terra Firma                      1995   16

CD      AUS   Columbia 661215 2

MC      AUS   Columbia 661215 4


Roland Storm   lp   Rolling With The Flow   1982

Session musician

Jim Cooper                 lp   S.E.                          1977
Ian MacLeod                lp   Hello Mary Lou                1977
Judy Stone                 lp   What Are You Doing Tongiht?   1978
Jewel and Arthur Blanche   lp   T.L.A.T.C.                    1981
Soundtrack                 lp   Queen Of The Road             1985
Australia Too              s    The Garden                    1985
Wayne Gillespie            lp   New Locations                 1987
John Merrit                s                                  1988


Emmanuel Quartet 1960-1963 Chris Emmanuel, Tommy Emmanuel, Virginia Emmanuel
The Midget Surfaries 1963 Chris Emmanuel, Tommy Emmanuel, Virginia Emmanuel
The Trailblazers 1967-1970 Tommy Emmanuel, Frank Jones, Paul Carruthers
Gillian Eastoe and King Dog 1978 Rob Brown, Jon Cooke, Geoff Dawes, Gillian Eastoe, Peter Kekel, Greg Plimmer, Chris Haigh
Goldrush 1980 Tommy Emmanuel, Doug Bligh, Mark Collins, Guy Dickerson, Chris Haigh, David Mare, Tony Slavich, John Spence, Bruce Worrell
Emmanuel Brothers Wiz Band 1982 Tommy Emmanuel, Chris Haigh, Steve Hope, Shauna Jensen, Graham Nepia
Rapid Fire 1985 Allan Carr, Steve Gilpin, Chris Haigh
Kakadu 1988 Peter Bolton, Chris Haigh, Peter McFarlane, John McKinnon, Shane Reed, Scott Whatman, Ray Young
Emmanuel Brothers Band 1992 Tommy Emmanuel, Mitch Farmer, Mike Gubb, Ian Lees
Catfish 1992
Phil Emmanuel Band 2000-present Rohan Hems, Rob O'Sullivan, Julia Parker, Chris Hartley

Sources of information: Official Phil Emmanuel Homepage, The Official Tommy Emmanuel WebSite, Melody Carruthers
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