Tommy Emmanuel



From Out Of Nowhere                          1979   10

CD          AUS   Trafalgar (issued 1990)

LP          AUS   Trafalgar

Up From Down Under                           1987   10   Produced by Rod Tamlyn and Tommy Emmanuel

CD          AUS   Artful Balance
            AUS   MEGA 468820 2

Dare To Be Different                         1990   13   Produced by Robie Porter and Rod Tamlyn

CD          AUS   MEGA 468819 2

Determination                                1992   13   Produced by Robie Porter

CD          AUS   MEGA 469132 2

MC          AUS

The Journey                                  1993   12   Produced by Rick Neigher

CD          AUS   Columbia 474489 2
            CAN   550 Music/Epic BK 57865 (missing "Amy" added "Initiation")
            USA   (missing "Amy" added "Initiation")

The Journey Continues                        1993   21

Double-CD   AUS   Columbia ("The Journey" + 9 track bonus disc)

MC          AUS   Columbia

Initiation                                   1995   13

CD          AUT   Columbia COL 478002 2

Classical Gas                                1995   12

CD          AUS   Columbia 662567 2

MC          AUS   Columbia 662567 4

Can't Get Enough                             1996   13

CD          AUS   Columbia
            USA   (entitled "Midnight Drive", 12 tracks, missing "How Many Sleeps")

Collaboration                                1998

CD          AUS

Only                                         2000   ??   Produced by Rod Tamlyn

CD          AUS   Original/EMI
            BEN   Original/Amaranchi
            UK    Original/Southbound/Universal/ID
            USA   Original/Favored Nations

The Very Best Of                             2001   28

Double-CD   AUS

Endless Road                                 2004   17

CD          AUS   ABC

CGP Live One                                 2005

Double-CD   AUS   Didgeridoo

Mystery                                      2006   12

CD          AUS   Warner 5101137282

with Phil Emmanuel:
Terra Firma                                  1995   16

CD          AUS   Columbia 661215 2

MC          AUS   Columbia 661215 4

with Chet Atkins:
The Day Finger Pickers Took Over The World   1997   11

CD          AUS

Contribution to album

Going Home                     1993
The Spirit of Christmas 1994   1994
Good Vibrations                1998


A. Caswell       s                             1982
A. Caswell       s                             1983
Doug Parkinson   lp   Heartbeat To Heartbeat   1983
Steve Grace      cd   Liberty Road             1992
Phil Emmanuel    cd   Kakadu Sunrise           1992

Session musician

Ian MacLeod                   lp   Hello Mary Lou               1977
Patti Williams                lp   S.A.L.F.T.M.                 1977
Maureen Elkner                lp   Love Tracks                  1978
The Trade Winds               lp   W.R.I.                       1978
Judy Stone                    lp   What Are You Doing Tonight   1978
Thomas and Bailey             lp   Missing Persons              1979
Air Supply                    lp   Life Support                 1979
Mike McClellan                lp   Laughing In The Dark         1980
Air Supply                    lp   Lost In Love                 1980
Daryl Cotton                  lp   Best Seat In The House       1980
John Farnham                  lp   Uncovered                    1980
Edith Bliss                   lp   Sheer Bliss                  1980
Swanee                        lp   Into The Night               1980
Geoffrey Laing                lp   I.T.T.B.D.                   1980
Jean Stafford                 lp   T.W.I.F.I.                   1981
Philippe Gabbay               lp   ?                            1981
Rod Williams                  lp   M.E.                         198?
Pattie Kieth                  lp   Y.N.L.                       1981
Sam McNally                   lp   First Chance                 1981
Sharon O'Neill                lp   Maybe                        1981
Peter Cupples                 lp   Fear Of Thunder              1981
Swanee                        lp   This Time Is Different       1982
Goldrush                      lp   Live At Last                 1983
Billy Washington's Drifters   lp   Primitive Love               1983
Doug Parkinson                lp   Heartbeat To Heartbeat       1983
S. Williams                   lp   B.L.F.                       1984
Swanee                        lp   Bushido                      1985
Australia Too                 s    The Garden                   1985
Electric Pandas               lp   Point Blank                  1985
Soundtrack                    lp   Queen Of The Road            1985
Sharon O'Neill                lp   Danced In The Fire           1987
Suzanne Clacher               lp   B.                           1988
Australian Olympians          s    You're Not Alone             1988
John Schumann                 lp   Looby Loo                    1989
Dragon                        lp   Bondi Road                   1989
James Blundell                lp   James Blundell               1989
Tania Bowra                   lp   Heaven And Earth             1989
Margaret Urlich               lp   Safety In Numbers            1989
Various                       lp   ABC Children's Series 0,1    1989
Mike McClellan                lp   Heartland                    1989
Norma Murphy                  cd   C.N.                         1990
Jade Hurley                   cd   No Stopping                  1990
John Farnham                  cd   Chain Reaction               1990
Sharon O'Neill                cd   Edge Of Winter               1990
Daryl Braithwaite             cd   Rise                         1990
Debbie Byrne                  cd   Caught In The Act            1991
Say Yes                       s    Raining In My Heart          1991
Phil Emmanuel                 cd   Kakadu Sunrise               1992
Nathan Cavaleri               cd   Jammin' With The Cats        1993
Jimmy Barnes                  cd   Flesh And Wood               1993
Cliff Richard                 cd   Songs From Heathcliff        1995
Rick Price                    cd   Tamborine Mountain           1995
Dragon                        cd   Incarnations                 1995
Mal Eastick                   cd   The Southern Line            1995
Bushwackers                   cd   Jubilee                      1996
Slim Dusty                    cd   91 over 50                   1996
Troy Cassar Daley             cd   Beyond The Dancing           1996
Alex Pertout                  cd   From The Heart               2002

Billy Masters                 lp   Born To Wander               19??


Emmanuel Quartet 1960-1963 Chris Emmanuel, Phil Emmanuel, Virginia Emmanuel
The Midget Surfaries 1963 Chris Emmanuel, Phil Emmanuel, Virginia Emmanuel
The Trailblazers 1967-1970 Phil Emmanuel, Frank Jones, Paul Carruthers
Buddy Williams Band 1969-1972
Southern Star Band 1977-1980 Doug Parkinson, Frank Esler-Smith, Jim Gannon, Mark Kennedy, Keith Kirwan, Duncan McQuire
Goldrush 1980 Phil Emmanuel, Doug Bligh, Mark Collins, Guy Dickerson, Chris Haigh, David Mare, Tony Slavich, John Spence, Bruce Worrell
John Farnham Band 1981
Emmanuel Brothers Wiz Band 1982 Phil Emmanuel, Chris Haigh, Steve Hope, Shauna Jensen, Graham Nepia
The Bushwackers 1982-1984 Hugh McDonald
Sharon O'Neill Band 1984-1985
Dragon 1986-1987
John Denver tour 1988
Tommy Emmanuel Band 1988-1992 Mitch Farmer, Darren Farrugia, Shauna Jensen, Jim Kelly, Rob Little, Sam McNally, Roger Mason, Kevin Murphy, Robyn Payne, Rick Price, James Roach, Victor Rounds
Eastick-Emmanuel Band 1989
Joan Armatrading tour 1989
Albert Lee tour 1990
Eric Clapton tour 1990
Catfish 1991
Emmanuel Brothers Band 1992 Phil Emmanuel, Mitch Farmer, Mike Gubb, Ian Lees
Michael Bolton tour 1994
Rick Price tour 1996
Joe Cocker tour 1996
All You Need Is Beatles (show) 199? Sir George Martin, Human Nature, James Reyne, Glenn Shorrock

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