Jon English



Wine Dark Sea            1973   11   Produced by Michael Carlos

LP          AUS   Warm and Genuine

It's All A Game          1974   10   Produced by G. Wayne Thomas

LP          AUS   Polydor

Hollywood Seven          1976   10   Produced by Rod Thomas and William Motzing

LP          AUS   Polydor

Minutes To Midnight      1977   10

LP          AUS   Polydor

Words Are Not Enough     1977   10   Produced by Bruce Brown and Russel Dunlop

LP          AUS   Polydor

English History          1978   20

CD          AUS   (issued 1997)

Double-LP   AUS   Polydor

LP          SWE   Frituna FRLP-162 (12 tracks, issued 1980)

MC          SWE   Frituna FRKA-162 (12 tracks, issued 1980)

Calm Before The Storm    1980   10   Produced by Bruce Brown and Russell Dunlop

LP          AUS   Mercury
            SWE   Frituna FRLP-168 (11 tracks)

MC          SWE   Frituna FRKA-168 (11 tracks)

InRoads                  1981   10   Produced by Tim Friese-Greene

LP          AUS   Mercury
            SWE   Frituna FRLP-171 (1 extra track, "Hope It Turns Out Right")

MC          SWE   Frituna FRKA-171 (1 extra track, "Hope It Turns Out Right")

Beating The Boards       1983   18   Produced by Jon English, David Williams and The Foster Brothers

Double-LP   AUS   WEA
            SWE   Frituna FRIX-189

            SWE   Frituna FKAX-189

Some People...           1983   10   Produced by David MacKay

LP          AUS   WEA
            SWE   Frituna FRLP-182

MC          SWE   Frituna FRKA-182

Dark Horses              1986   11   Produced by Jon English and Mario Millo

LP          AUS   Chase
            SWE   Frituna FRLP-232 (issued 1987)

MC          SWE   Frituna FRKA-232 (issued 1987)

The Busker               1988   10   Produced by David MacKay

CD          AUS   BMG (entitled "Busking")

LP          AUS

Paris                    1990   32   Produced by David MacKay


All Together Now         1993

Single      AUS

20th Anniversary Album   1993

CD          AUS   BMG

Buskers and Angels       2000   23

CD          AUS

English History II       2001

CD          AUS

with Trevor White:
Laid Back In Anger       1976

Single      AUS   Polydor

with Mario Millo:
Against The Wind         1978

LP          AUS
            SWE   Frituna FRLP-157

MC          SWE   Frituna FRKA-157

with Marcia Hines:
Jokers And Queens        1982    6   Produced by Jon English and Charlie Hull

Mini-LP     AUS   Midnight/WEA NITELP101

Mini-MC     AUS   Midnight/WEA M5N101

with Renee Geyer:
Every Beat Of My Heart   1984    2

Single      AUS   Festival (from Street Hero soundtrack)

Lover Please             1987

Single      AUS   Sundown

Contribution to album

Street Hero                                  1984
Going Home                                   1993
Gimme Ted - The Ted Mulry Benefit Concerts   2003


Sebastian Hardie   lp   Four Moments   1975
Chalice            lp   Overflow       1976

Session musician

Soundtrack                     Coolangatta Gold         1984
Australia Too            s     The Garden               1985
Soundtrack                     A Fortunate Life         1986
Australian Olympians     s     You're Not Alone         1988


Zenith 1965-
Gene Chandler and The Interns 196? Graham Ford, Richard Lillico, Peter Plavsic
Sebastian Hardie 1968-1971
Tapestry 1971-1972 Bob Dunne, Alex Plavsic, Dave, Glen, Steve
Pulsar 1972 Mike Carlos, Greg Henson, Ken James, Shauna Jensen, Jamie McKinley, Bernie Payne, Mick Wade, Bruce Worrall, Ted Yanni
Duck 1972 Larry Duryea, Bob Gebert, Bobbi Marchinni, Danny Robinson, John Robinson, Russell Smith, Thomas G. Wayne, Teddy Toi, Steve Webb
Jesus Chris Superstar (stageplay) 1972-1977 Marcia Hines
Ned Kelly (stageplay) 1973
Bacchoi (stageplay) 197?
Stopover (tv) 1976
Against The Wind (tv-series) 1978
Touch And Go (movie) 1980
Baxter Funt 1980 John Coker, Greg Henson, Tony Naylor, Mike Wade, Peter White
Jon English and The Foster Brothers 1981-
Pirates of Penzance (stageplay) 1984,1985,1986 Marina Prior, Simon Gallaher, June Bronhill
Rasputin (stageplay) 1987
Big River (stageplay) 1988
All Together Now (tv-series) 1990-1993
Strange Bedfellows 1992
Pirates of Penzance (stageplay) 1994
The Mikado (stageplay) 1995-1996
HMS Pinafore (stageplay) 1997
Turn The Page (concert tour) 1997-1998
Noises Off (stageplay) 1998
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum (stageplay) 1998-1999
Turn The Page (concert tour) 1999-2000

Members (The Foster Brothers)

Bullen Rex (k) 19??
Coker John (b,bv) 1981-1985 Baxter Funt
Dallimore John (g,flute,bv) 1981-1985 Red House, Dallimore, John Dallimore Band, Wendy and The Rockets, Thunder Downunder, Temple of Boom, Simpering Qualis, The JD Party Band, Brian Cadd and Max Merritt Band
Deacon Peter (k,bv) 1981- Roberts/Frost Band, Same Tribe, Swanee
Grimwood Peter (g) 1985- Marc Hunter Band
Henson Greg (d) 1981- Trade Mark, Ben Turpin, Levi Smith's Clefs, Pulsar, Black Tank, Stevie Wright Band, Baxter Funt, Renee Geyer Band, Duffhead, Fender Benders, The Push, Duff and Rhodes, Supermarket
Kerwin Keith (g,v) 1981- Capitol Showband, The Avengers, Genda, Rufus, The Revengers, Kabisa, Everton Park, Southern Star Show
Mitchell Tony (b) 1985- Wheelbarrow, Harry Young and Sabbath, Autumn, Sherbet, The Sherbs, John Paul Young and The All Star Band, Lifesavers
Naylor Tony (g) 19?? Ida May Mack, Willie and The Philtones, Band of Talabene, Bootleg Family Band, Kush, Avalanche, Richard Burgess Band, Front Page, Baxter Funt, Mae Parker and The Heartbeats

Sources of information: Jon English Official Homepage, Denis Brock, Christopher Leitner
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