Perth 1980-1989,2005-



Pink Suit Blue Day                   1982   11   Produced by Lem Lubin

LP      AUS   Mercury/Polygram 6437 154

MC      AUS   Mercury/Polygram 7201 154

This Island                          1984   12   Produced by Nigel Gray, Mark Opitz and Mark Moffatt

CD      AUS   CBS

LP      AUS   CBS
        USA   Columbia PC 39588

MC      AUS   CBS
        USA   Columbia

Absolutely!                          1985    9   Produced by Bernie Lynch, Bill Scheniman and Chris Porter

CD      AUS   CBS

LP      AUS   CBS
        AUT   CBS 26784
        NZL   CBS SBP8106
        USA   Columbia BFC 40269 (issued 1986)

MC      AUS   CBS
        NZL   CBS PC8106

Groove                               1988   10   Produced by Bernie Lynch and David Price

CD      AUS   CBS
        AUT   CBS 460864 2 (issued 1989)

LP      HOL   CBS 460864 1 (issued 1989)

Greatest Hits - Maybe Only I Dream   1992   16

CD      AUS   Columbia

CDEP                                 1996    4

CD-EP   AUS   Epic 486531.2

Eurogliders                          2005

CD      AUS   CJR001

Blue Kiss                            2006

CD      AUS

Contribution to album

West   1981


Akerman Crispin (g) 1980-1987 Living Single
Bennetts John (d,perc) 1981-1987 The Stockings, James Griffin and The Subterraneans
Francois Ron (b,bv) 1982-1987 The Sinceros (UK), Lene Lovich Band (UK), The Teardrop Explodes (UK), The Panic Poets, Raging Waters, Slaughterhouse 5, Non Stop, Absent Friends, Wendy Matthews Band, James Reyne, Peter Blakeley Band
Goh Rex (g) 1988-1989 Leon Berger Band, Air Supply, QED, Solid Citizens, The Hard Rockin' Dudes, Groove City Co-Op, Tania Bowra Band, The Robynne Dunn Band, Shauna Jensen Band, Supermarket, Say Yes, Duff and Rhodes, The Zappas
Jehan Lindsay (b) 1988-1989 Richard Clapton Band, One Franc, Kontrol, Shauna Jensen Band, Raging Waters, Jenny Morris Band, The Soul Committments, Guy Le Claire Band, Matt Finish, David Adams and The Mojave Blow, Skunk
Knight Grace (v,sax,k) 1980-1989,2005-
Le Claire Guy (g) 1988-1989 Le Claire Quartet, The Tribe, Ega Ninjas, Raging Waters, Them Or Us, Hip Hop, Ian Moss Band, Groove City, One Franc, Kez, Play Diem, Resolution, Guy Le Claire Band, Matt Finish, David Adams and The Mojave Blow
Lynch Bernie (v,g,k) 1980-1989,2005- Rip Tom and The Stockings, The Stockings, Living Single
Meharry Don (b) 1980-1981 Living Single
Rosenberg Jeff (b) 1981-1982 Blackfeather, Hot Air Band, The Stockley See Mason Band, Shots In The Dark, Baby Loves to Cha Cha
Saunders Scott (p) 1983 The Rhythm Method, Minor Fits, The Modules, The Reels, Deckchairs Overboard, Straight No Chaser, Bellydance, Prisoners Of Love, Melodiouos Thonk, Directions In Groove, Lisa Maxwell and The Loving Moment, Beatfish tour
Slingerland Guy (d) 1980-1981 Living Single, The Expression
Smithers Joy (bv) 1988-1989 ---
Sowerby Steve (d) 1988-1989 Naturals, Richard Clapton Band, Shauna Jensen Band, 93-D, Red Not Blue, The Zappas, Skunk, David Adams and The Mojave Blow
Vincent Amanda (k) 1980-1987 Duck Soup, Living Single, Midget and The Farrelys, Thompson Twins (UK), Jenny Morris Band

Sources of information: Grace Knight @ Home, Stefan Warnqvist, Stuart Coupe and Glenn A. Baker: The New Rock'n'Roll - The A-Z of Rock in The 80's, Ron Francois, Don Meharry
© Magnus Holmgren
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