Stephen Ewart



What It Is   1996    5


Tell Me      1998   12   Produced by David Williams

CD   AUS   MWER 02

Session musician

Fred Cass and The Cassettes   ep                          1981
The Birthday Party            lp   Prayers On Fire        1981
Stephen Cummings              s    We All Make Mistakes   1982
Jo Jo Zep                     lp   Cha                    1982


Nighthawks 1980-1982,1983 Wayne Burt, Jane Clifton, Chris Coyne, Paul Hitchins, Doug Kelly, Sam Linton-Smith, Doug McDonald, Neil Macpherson, Peter Martin, Peter Mulheisen, Chris Pascoe, Steve Williams
Go Wild In French 1983 Chris Coyne, Paul Gadsby, Vivienne Gay, Pierre Jacquinot, Margot McDonald, Penny Metcalfe, Gabriel Murphy, Yasmin Shoobridge, Ian Stephen, Pickles
Prince Nyah and The Slaves of Sin 1985-1987 John Betros, Peter Camm, Chris Coyne, Barry Deenik, Rob Dixon, Joe Geia, Des McKenna, Coorie William
Black Coffee (And The Beans) 1985 Rebecca Barnard, John Betros, Chris Coyne, Barry Deenik, Tony Holomby, Des McKenna, Chris Pascoe, Sherine, Zan

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