The Expression

Sydney 1981-1985



The Expression   1983   10   Produced by Charles Fisher

LP       AUS   Mushroom L38005
         HOL   A&M AMLH 64975 (issued 1984)

Conscience       1985    9   Produced by Ben Rogan, Wally Brill and The Expression

LP       AUS   Mushroom L38260


Dowling Neville (k,v) 1981-1985 Visitor, Dave Warner Band
Haran Tom (v,g,perc) 1981-1985 Visitor, Indian Ocean Band
Heckenberg Bill (d) 1985
Hopes Steve (d) 1981-1983 Judas Rat, Barabbas, The Revengers, Capitol Showband, Kabisa, Renee Geyer Band, Barry Leef Band, Leon Berger Band, Nightflyers, Crossfire, Doug Parkinson Band, Marcia Hines Band, The Emmanuel Brothers Wiz Band, Jeff St John, Sharon O'Neill Band
Lumsdane Tim (b) 1985 Shooters, Apollo Bay, MX Warheads, Ya Ya Choral
Manassah Stephen (b) 1981-1983 Visitor
Slingerland Guy (d) 1983 Living Single, The Eurogliders
Wong-Yen Andrew (g) 1981-1983 Visitor, Lost Youth

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist
© Magnus Holmgren
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