John Farnham



Sadie                                         1967

EP       AUS   Columbia SEGO-70168

Sadie                                         1968   ??   Produced by David MacKay

LP       AUS   Columbia OSX-7854 (Mono)

Johnny                                        1969

LP       AUS   sanity OCSD-7687

Looking Through A Tear                        1970

LP       AUS   Columbia SCXO-7920

Number One                                    1970

EP       AUS   Columbia SEGO-70185

Christmas Is...                               1970   14

CD       AUS   EMI 7243 - 814599 2 (entitled Memories Of Christmas)

LP       AUS   Columbia SOEX-9700

Everybody Oughta Sing A Song                  1971   ??   Produced by David MacKay

LP       AUS   Columbia SCXO-7891 (GTS Monaro Cover)
         AUS   Columbia SOEX-10113 (re-issue) (On Stage Cover)

The Best of Johnny Farnham                    1971

LP       AUS   WRC S/4875 (Orange Cover, Green Label)
         AUS   WRC S/4875 (Pink Cover, White Label)

Johnny Farnham Sings The Shows                1972

LP       AUS   AXIS 6000

Hits, Magic And Rock And Roll                 1973   ??   Produced by Peter Dawkins

LP       AUS   EMI EMC-2502

Johnny Farnham Sings The Hits Of '73          1973   ??   Produced by Peter Dawkins

LP       AUS   EMI EMC-2506

Johnny Farnham Sings The Hits Of The Movies   1974

LP       AUS   sanity SOELP-10018

J P Farnham Sings                             1975   ??   Produced by Peter Dawkins

LP       AUS   EMI EMA-310

Johnny Farnham Greatest Hits                  1976

LP       AUS   EMI ECA-2542

Uncovered                                     1980   10   Produced by Graham Goble

CD       AUS   RCA SPCD-1116 (issued 1989)
         GER   RCA ND 74742
         ???   RCA PCD 10147

LP       AUS   WBE WBEX-1002 (Cream Label)
         AUS   RCA SPLP-1116 (re-issue, issued 1989) (Black Label)

The Best Of John Farnham                      1980

CD       AUS   AXIS CDAX-430007

LP       AUS   AXIS AX-430007

Whispering Jack                               1986   10   Produced by Ross Fraser

CD       AUS   Wheatley SFCD-0149 (Silver Label)
         AUS   Wheatley SFCD-0149 (Gold Numbered Edition, Silver and Gold Label)
         AUS   Wheatley WJCD-0001 (Gatefold Limited Edition Presentation Box) (2 bonus tracks) (Black Label)
         AUS   Gotham 88697027122 (20th Anniversary CD/DVD Edition issued 2006, 1 bonus track, 1 bonus live DVD)
         GER   RCA PD 71224
         GER   RCA 74321 - 18720 2

LP       AUS   Wheatley SFL1-0149
         GER   RCA PL 71224
         USA   RCA 6300-1-R

MC       AUS   Wheatley
         GER   RCA PK 71224

Another Side Of John Farnham                  1987

CD       AUS   AXIS CDAX-701355

LP       AUS   AXIS AX-701355

The John Farnham Phenomenon                   1987   18

LP       AUS   J&B JB 300

Age Of Reason                                 1988   10   Produced by Ross Fraser

CD       AUS   RCA/Wheatley SFCD-0168 (2 bonus tracks) (Silver Label)
         GER   RCA PD 71839 (2 bonus tracks)
         GER   RCA 74321 13898 2 (re-issue, 2 bonus tracks)
         USA   RCA 74321 - 26092 2 (2 bonus tracks)

LP       AUS   RCA SFL1-0168 (Gatefold)
         GER   RCA PL 71839

MC       AUS   RCA
         GER   RCA PK 71839
         USA   RCA 9935-4-R (1 bonus track, "You're The Voice")

Time Brings Change

CD       AUS   AXIS CDAX-701443

LP       AUS   AXIS AX-701443

Chain Reaction                                1990   12   Produced by Ross Fraser

CD       AUS   BMG VPCD-0830 (Picture Disc)
         AUS   BMG VPCD-0830 (Black Label)
         AUS   BMG POPCD-0830 (Gatefold Pop Up Cover, Limited Edition, Picture Disc)
         GER   RCA PD 74768 (Picture Disc)

LP       AUS   RCA VPL1-0830

MC       AUS   RCA

Full House                                    1991   16   Produced by Ross Fraser and John Farnham

CD       AUS   RCA VPCD-0843
         GER   RCA PD 75262
         GER   RCA 74321 18721 2

MC       AUS   RCA

Then Again...                                 1993   14   Produced by Ross Fraser and John Farnham

CD       AUS   RCA 74321 16665 2 (Picture Disc)
         GER   RCA 74321 18441 2 (Picture Disc)

MC       AUS   RCA

Where Do I Begin                              1995   14

CD       AUS   EMI 8145732

Classic Gold Collection                       1995   23

CD       AUS   EMI 7243 - 814580 2

Romeo's Heart                                 1996   11   Produced by Ross Fraser

CD       AUS   BMG 74321 37300 2
         EUR   BMG 74321 37300 2 (issued 1997?)

MC       AUS   BMG

Anthology 1 - Greatest Hits 1986-1997         1997   16

CD       AUS

Anthology 2 - Classic Hits 1967-1985 (Live)   1997   16

CD       AUS

Anthology 3 - Rarities                        1997   15

CD       AUS

Greatest Hits 1986-1996                       1998   17

CD       EUR

Live At The Regent Theatre 1st July 1999      1999   18   Produced by Ross Fraser

CD       AUS

33 1/3                                        2000   13   Produced by Ross Fraser and John Farnham

CD       AUS   BMG 74321773912

The Last Time                                 2002   10

CD       AUS   Gotham (limited edition with bonus cd)

Love Songs

CD       EUR

One Voice - The Greatest Hits                 2003   27

2-CD     AUS

I Remember When I Was Young                   2005   13

CD       AUS

with Alison Durbin:
Together                                      1971

LP       AUS   Columbia OCSD-7682

with Danni'elle:
Communication                                 1989

Single   AUS   Wheatley

with Olivia Newton-John and Anthony Warlow:
Highlights From The Main Event                1998   26

CD       AUS   BMG 74321 63883 2
         AUS   BMG 74321 86487 2 (re-issue 2001, 3 bonus tracks)

Contribution to album

Charlie Girl                   1972
Pippin                         1974
The Spirit of Christmas 1993   1993
The Spirit of Christmas 1994   1994
The Spirit of Christmas 1996   1996
The Spirit of Christmas 1998   1998
Music, Live From The Panel     1999
The Spirit of Christmas 1999   1999
The Spirit of Christmas 2000   2000
The Spirit of Christmas 2002   2002
The Spirit of Christmas 2003   2003

Session musician

Incredible Penguins   ep   Incredible Penguins   1986
Daryl Braithwaite     lp   Edge                  1988
Daryl Braithwaite     cd   Rise                  1990
Girl Overboard        lp   Paint A Picture       1989
Jimmy Barnes          cd   Soul Deep             1991
Smokey Dawson         cd                         1995


The Mavericks 1964 Nick Fernanda, Ian Robertson, Neil Robertson
Johnny Farnham and Strings Unlimited 1967 Beeb Birtles, Darryl Cotton, Teddy Higgins, John D'Arcy
Charlie Girl (stageshow) 1972 Dame Anna Nagle, Peter Regan, Olivia Hammnet, Derek Nimmo, Geraldine Morrow
Pippin (stageshow) 1974 Ronne Arnold, Colleen Hewitt, Nancye Hayes, Jenny Howard, David Ravenswood
Little River Band 1982-1986
John Farnham Band 1986-2002
Jesus Christ Superstar (stageshow) 1992 Angry Anderson, Kate Ceberano, Jon Stevens, Russell Morris, John Waters

Members (John Farnham Band 1986-2002)

Buckle Phil (g) 1990 The Cutters, The State, Southern Sons
Burchall Angus (d) 1986-
Clark John (perc) 1988-1989
Creighton Joe (b,bv) 1988-
Edwards Lisa (bv,fl,perc) 1986-
Farnham John (v) 1986-2002
Field Lindsay (g,bv) 1986-
Fields Venetta (bv) 1986-1995
Fraser Stuart (g) 1994-
Garsed Brett (g) 1986-
Hirschfelder David (k) 1986-1992
Jones Jack (g) 1990
Lim Chong (k) 1993-
McKinney Charles (bv) 1990
McLachlan Roger (b) 1987-1988
Nelson Wayne (b,bv) 1986-1990 Little River Band, Blowout, Jim Messina Band, The L.A. Cowboys
Pellici Derek (d) 1986
Williams Steve (sax) 1990-

Sources of information: Scott Reboulet, Lyn Albury, John Farnham Australian Discography, Beeb Birtles, Stefan Warnqvist, Jack's Place, Peter Medlin
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