The Fauves

Melbourne 1988-present



This Mood Has Passed                     1990    5   Produced by Doug Saunders

Mini-CD     AUS   Timber Top/Shock TT006 (500 copies)

Fireman 451/Daughter Abroad              1990    2   Produced by Doug Saunders

CD-Single   AUS   Shock FR001

The Scissors Within                      1992    6   Produced by Robbie Rowlands

Mini-CD     AUS   Shock CD0019

Tight White Ballhugger                   1992    6   Produced by Robbie Rowlands

Mini-CD     AUS   Shock CD0020
            AUS   (re-issue 1999)

Drive Through Charisma                   1993   15   Produced by Robbie Rowlands

CD          AUS   Polydor 519860-2 (limited edition bonus cd with 23 tracks)

The Young Need Discipline                1994   13   Produced by Wayne Connolly And Simon Holmes

CD          AUS   Polydor 523652-2

MC          AUS   Polydor 523652-4

Everybody's Getting A 3 Piece Together   1995    6   Produced by Lindsay Gravina

CD-EP       AUS   Polydor 577671-2

Future Spa                               1996   14   Produced by Wayne Connolly and Greg Wales

CD          AUS   Polydor 533472-2

Lazy Highways                            1998   15   Produced by Wayne Connolly

CD          AUS   Polydor 557383-2

Bigger Than Tina                         1999    2Thousand Yard Stare                      2000   12   Produced by Terry Cleaver

CD          AUS   HIP038

Footage Missing                          2002   13   Produced by Chris Dickie

CD          AUS   Shock SHOCK0400

Surf City Heart                          2002   16

CD          BRA   Tronador Music TMSS09

Fauves                                   2004   11

CD          AUS

Nervous Flashlights                      2006   11

CD          AUS

Contribution to album

Recovery  - Songs From The Back Door   1997
Bigger Than Tina (Soundtrack)          1999
Write Your Adventures Down             2007


Cleaver Terry (b) 2000-present
Conrad Philip (brass,mand,g) 1991 ---
Cox Andrew (v,g) 1988-present ---
Dyer Andrew (b,bv) 1988-2000 ---
Leonard Phil (v,g,trump) 1988-present ---
Newey Adam (d,perc,bv) 1988-present ---

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